“ever you seek beauty,

ever you find beauty”

– Esther Victoria Woolperi

photos copyright Tina Weitz Photography – September 2007


Paradise is everywhere, the breeze off the ocean carried the scent of blossoms.  My sister and I really enjoyed the floral aromas, so often it was the abundant Plumeria Trees or the Rainbow Blossoms.


Go to any botanical garden, this photo does not show the wild orchids growing at our feet or that these mountains almost surround us 360 degrees,

I have always loved the scent of white ginger and got to see many of them up close, this plant only grows in the upper elevations of Hawaii.


Lanakai, where the sea turtles swim -“honu”a symbol of long life.  More than likely, the owner of this boat is snorkeling.


Lanakai is one of the top 10 beaches in the world and has the softest sand I have ever had between my toes!


These hula dancing record makers share the joy of the event – the “shaka” hand symbol is a common greeting in Hawaii http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaka_sign.

Not only did we get to attend the downtown annual Waikiki Festival one evening, that same week was the World Guiness Book of World Records longest hula line with 3,500 participants.  Ladies came from all of the islands, the traditional dress was incredible and the age range was many generations.  A line of color and movement along Waikiki Beach as far as the eyes could see, while Hawaiian music poured out of radios coordinated to provide the dancers with the music and rhythm of the dance.


Sunsets abound, and there were rainbows over the ocean almost every morning.


You may see this surf wagon if you rent a board at the famous North Shore.


The Polynesian Cultural Center is a great place to take the kids, the IMAX on coral reefs is a must see for everyone.