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“Why they’re sexy:  The average artist is doing what makes them happy, not what will bring them fame or money — and that’s pretty sexy. How many occupations can you say that about?
Where you’ll find them: Everywhere. Painters, photographers, sculptors and other types of artists work in their own studios, in offices for ad agencies or on location for photo shoots.
Pros:  They spend their days being creative and get paid for it.
Cons: The paying work that’s easiest to find is often boring and doesn’t allow artists to express themselves.”

 click the link/title below to see the entire article

10 Sexiest Jobs
by Anthony Balderrama, writer

Why thank you Anthony *blush*.  Much of my commercial work is far from boring, a lot of incredible locations  – and I love my clients and have many long term relationships.  I am fortunate as I also get to spend time working in the fine art realm.  I get to create at my choosing, and that is worth more than money.

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