nassau, bahamas


More traveling photos.  I went to beautiful Nassau, Bahamas.  The best part was our snorkeling tour.  For a poor swimmer, (I call my style controlled drowning) the ocean is the best place to swim.   The salt water holds you up and you relax more too – at least I do.  The water temperature was nice.  We had the chance to swim with the grey barrier reef sharks, I was surprised I was not afraid due to the fact I was so fascinated.  I took the shark photos here with an inexpensive underwater cameras.  There were so many sharks and the viewfinder could only focus on a portion of the activity, I am guessing there were about 30 or more.  I tossed a fellow passenger on the boat my camera to take the photo of my husband and me.  Once you finish observing the sharks, your thoughts turn back to getting back to that boat, because after all, they’re SHARKS.

Our snorkeling tour by Stuart Cove’s was well worth the whole trip, I recommend their services and helpful, friendly staff.  I am ready to progress to diving classes, and am already dreaming of underwater cameras.

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