Polaroid Time-Zero film, digital photography, printmaking and gouche all rolled into one memory artwork

Taking photography into another medium is something I love as an artist.  I just finished my first trial painting with gouche on paper for a mixed-media project. I’ll have to say I had quite a bit of fun with the gouche, although you must be quick – it dries fast!  I am working on creating with memory objects and I like the way it has been progressing.

Step 1
scan of 3 Polaroid Time Zero images from the last of my private film stash. antique ceramic babies represent a boy, girl and twins settled upon crinkly paper to represent a womb
Step 2
take a digital photograph of a vintage toy I had from all of my collecting
Step 3
layer Polaroid and digital toy image in Photoshop to make a transparency for burning onto polymer plate
Step 4
printmaking with black ink, chine’ colle with blue speckled paper
Step 5
paint it with gouche

I wasn’t too enamored with this piece until the gouche added that final POP! I have a lot more to learn and need technique practice, but I am hooked. More to come.

“Expecting a Bundle of Joy” 2012 Tina Weitz

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