Polaroid Sunday

I am having a great day today, which I have dubbed Polaroid Sunday.  My Time Zero Polaroid film, which expired in 2006, still held a battery charge and gave me some nostalgic glee.  Click, whrrrrrrr, anticipate – the magic image appears in a cloud and begins to clarify, like a vision in a crystal ball.  Yes, I’m feeling a whole lot of nostalgic today – capturing personal items from my world which bring fondness and memories of things past.  I give thanks to my ever faithful, Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1, for being there for me once again. And to my husband, who has let me store Time Zero film in the lower 1/3 of our refrigerator since 2006.  I am shooting the farewell tour of my antiquated and dying film.

Selections of the images will be displayed in the O2 Gallery and Project Space in the Flatbed Building during East Austin Studio Tour  November 2013 in Austin, Texas.  My exhibit, Pola-Vision, will be a journey driven by over a decade of my Polaroid sentimentality (and addiction).


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