D700 Import to iPhone to Mac for Speaking Your Vision

Flatbed French Press © 2014 Tina Weitz Photography
Flatbed French Press © 2014 Tina Weitz Photography

Embrace the tools around you to create your world.  I recently used my Nikon D700 to capture an image, imported that to one of my favorite phone apps, PhotoToaster, then saved the revised image on my phone. After that – I import back to the Mac and with Photoshop (on a bigger screen) create a top and bottom edge for the dimensions of the home page for the current online publication Aether ART.  Aether ART is a wonderful art source, visit their home page at Aether Art Magazine. All this gave me the freedom to layer and build an image to say what I see, and yes, what I feel.  I have more on this topic later, as I move from iPhone capture to The Art of The Photogravure.

This photo was taken courtesy of the renown printmaking facility, Flatbed Press and Gallery, conveying the image that comes to ones head when day dreaming of printmaking.  Austin, Texas is preparing for its first PrintAustin 2014, be sure to check out all the printmaking events in the next few weeks as featured in this article from the Austin Chronicle.

Happy New Year! Embrace it.

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