Tina Weitz “Instantion” in Blur Magazine Issue 46

Today is the day! Blur Magazine has come out with Issue 46 featuring my time-zero Polaroid images.  Look under the Instantion Section to find the write-up showcasing my Pola-Vision series.


I am beyond honored and humbled.  The quality and vision of the photographers in this issue has taken my breath.  I am re-inspired all over again in the pursuit of bringing images to life.

Many thanks to each of the editors, writers, designers, photographers and artistic visionaries who made this issue possible.  Photography is alive and well.

Below: Print of Grandmother Cora Williams glasses and handkerchief on time-zero expired Polaroid film.

Cora © 2015

2 thoughts on “Tina Weitz “Instantion” in Blur Magazine Issue 46

  1. As we are gently transported into the carefully preserved, time capsule that is Grandma Cora Williams world, we are reminded of the many stories that lie within, intimate, unseen struggles and triumphs that are presently familiar, yet deeply imbedded in the past. One moment gives way to another. Technology dies, we die. Fashions change, but our love and hope remain. Brilliant series. Congratulations!

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