Expired Polaroid and The Healing of She

I haven’t been posting as I have been preparing for a long distance change of location –  a pain and a blessing. I was forced to attack 27 years of photography images –  film, digital and alternative. Within the purge and sort, I saw a new series I had been working on all along, but did not see until now. Images I thought were “one of a kinds” with no continuity to any working series I had in progress, so set aside. Who knew? #weseefromwithin

Due to preparing to move there has been no time for Polaroid fun.  So, I took a day off this week and created “The Healing of She”. A wonderful way to enjoy my day and refresh before I say goodbye and finish my move. #timezero #expiredpolaroid #sx70 #polaroid

Things do not happen unless you (as in the words of a Macy Gray song) “Get up, get up and do SOMETHING, don’t let your life just pass you by”.

And then I realized how many images I have taken of the power of feminine…  Works that express my inner self within the visual. I have had so many prayers, and it started to creep into my (subconscious) work.

So once I land in a new home, I will be exploring this further.  I’ll keep you posted!







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