Tina Weitz @sec4p “iphoneography” & “The Still Life”

#iphoneography #danburkholder #zilker park #austin #ferriswheel #christmastree

The Carnival of Christmas © Tina Weitz Photography

I am participating in 2 juried exhibits back to back at the SE Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina.  Many thanks to the jurors and center for the selections.

iPhoneography, Juror Dan Burkholder
Opening Reception 3/2, 6-8PM
The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Richard Alton   Sara Augenbraun   Joann Benzinger   Bruce Berkow   Echo Cooper   Steve Field   Nadide Goksun   Mallory Gottlieb   Charles Hively   Michael Honegger   Steven Jungquist   Candi S Kalinsky    Chuck Keppler   Angela Kleis   Karen Klinedinst   Susan Lirakis   Morgan Lytle   Bobbi McMurry   Heather Mull   Stephen Murphy   Julia Nathanson   William Nieberding   Anastasia Potekhina   Joseph Rafferty   Madeline Ring   Marian Rubin   Kevin Russo   Jane Schultz
Bill Shumaker   Barbara Snyder   Debra Van Swearingen   Sam Wang   Candice Washington   Tina Weitz   and Michael Yoder

This image was taken at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.  The ferris wheel was located next to the famous Zilker Tree and in later years (after controversy) was moved to a new location in the park.

#kitchen #curtain #sx70 #expiredpolaroid #instantfilm #polaroid #timezero

“Kitchy Curtain” © Tina Weitz Photography

The Still Life, Juror Kimberly Witham
Opening Reception 4/13, 6-8PM

The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Hannah Arnette   Angie Pember Brockey   Susan Bryant
Jo Ann Chaus   Mihai Chebac   Robert Dutruch   William Earle
Malcolm Easton   Vladimir Frumin   Daniel George   Nadide Goksun  Margaret Halaby   Jackie Heitchue   Gea Hogeveen   Susan Kott  Thomas Ladd   Carol Lawrence   Laura Malaterra   Jim McKinniss  Lea Murphy   Katherine Richmond   Wilford Scott   Melissa Stewart  JP Terlizzi   Terry Towery   and Tina Weitz

From the series “Pola-Visions” reflecting past fading memories on expired time-zero Polaroid film and taken on vintage SX70 cameras.










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