Sold! Sugar Cane Twister CTPII

Sugar Cane Twister CTPII

Our the last day of PrintAustin 2021 and the event has been a good inspiration to still live and breath art during these Covid times. That and nature fuel my world. Many thanks to all involved to make these events work, and I truly appreciate Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas to make my photogravure dreams come true. I was honored to be featured during Creekside’s collaboration with Gallery Shoal Creek artist Koichi Yamamoto.

PrintAustin 2021 Catalogue for Creekside Studio, Austin Texas

As an artist, the best thing you can do for yourself is becoming involved and preparing for an event. Forcing you to organize, create and learn new things that expand your skill set. This time around I was required to prepare a video presentation explaining the editioning of the Sugar Cane Twister photogravures. So off I go, purchase a premiere rush video program from adobe and hunch over the computer for hours. Was it worth it? I would have to say a definite yes. The story of the craft unfolded, and I loved how my viewers began to better understand what is involved in the process of making this photogravure. Now, the depth of texture and color, ink and paper can draw you deeper into a story.

And the icing on the cake? The video resulted in a sale! I am very excited that the buyer, who also has another artwork from my PolaVisions series, saw the video and contacted me. They inquired about one of the unique Color Trial Proofs featured in the video that was not even listed for sale. Normally, these Color Trial prints are kept for my private use – but for this lover of art, I knew the art would have the right home.

Conceptually, I am truly gleeful someone appreciated this particular unique print. Sugar Cane Twister is about environmental art and how the past effects the future, and land holds history to be respected. My final split-edition selections for this photogravure series reflects the past and the present. What I feel about this particular one-of-a-kind Sugar Cane Twister proof – is that it visually merges both past and present within one print – to me the viewer feels the morphing of a past era into our current times. Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, knocked it out of the ball park with these ink colors and Chine collé.

If you haven’t seen the trial proofing video you may watch it here:

Now to catch up on some print signing and begin the story telling of my next two prints in the Telescoping Landscapes series, Ediz Hook, and the Sacred Hoh from Washington. Details coming soon.

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