Finalizing Ediz Hook

It was amazing to spend a day at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas and finalize the Ediz Hook proofs this month after an (ever so long) pandemic break from traveling. Unfortunately, I only had one day in the studio but it was enough to make the decision of ink color for this photogravure. Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, was spot on in the selection of her “special blue” turquoise – which was definitely the best color choice. The surprise element for me was trying one of the new proofs with a Light Blue Kozo from Hiromi Paper which I had just purchased and – POW!!! Ediz Hook now reflects the energy and powerful color I feel and want to convey from this location. The oceanic beauty of the Pacific Northwest meets the viewer’s eyes and a captivating history lies within. The final product will be a Chine collé to white background paper which includes a border, creating a smoother appearance of the ink.

I will be offering a pre-publication pricing next month, be sure to watch for an upcoming news announcement for this limited time offer.

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