Photogravure Proofs Ediz and Hoh Forest

Color Trial Proofs ©Tina Weitz Photography

New color trials have just arrived from Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas. Many thanks to Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, for collaborating up some beautiful photogravure proofs!

I’ll need to make final ink decisions for editioning two new works – Ediz Hook, Washington and Sacred Hoh, Washington – for my Telescoping Landscapes series. After many months delay in production materials and also business hour shutdowns, it is great to make such progress and new art again.

I hope to “see you” – at whatever version of Austin Studio Tour 2021 and Print Austin 2022 come to us in the next 6 months.

Continue to be/stay safe. – Tina


Be an Art Patron @ creeksidestudioatx

As an artist working with Creekside Studio, in Austin, Texas, we’re gearing up for post covid times and getting back to the business of printmaking and collaborations. How exciting to be planning and continuing this journey.

To reach printmaking goals, I am offering a Creekside Studio merchandise lapel pin for patrons who wish to support the print studio and its artists (or just like a really cool lapel pin!) – during these times of growth and change. To purchase click here.

Profits from the purchase of this lapel pin supports small business, women in business, and women printmakers to continue working, creating and publishing with artists in the Austin, Texas studio – funding studio growth through wish list items such as tools, technology and printmaking equipment.

From Dr. Cline, “The Creekside Studio seal is modeled after a traditional Chinese Yang style Seal. The characters “Xi Pan” (meaning Creekside) are seen in Cinnabar red. They incorporate radicals within which include meanings of water’s movement through space – and questions of how this takes place. The carp is seen floating in the seal, creating movements in the water that both bring luck and creativity to the process. Water is the element of creativity, but it is also the ground substance from which all life springs. Together as an image this seal represents all that Creekside Studio has to offer. Art, collaboration, education and inspiration.”

Pin size is approximately 1″ wide by 0.8 ” high and has a metal push pin back.

When wearing our logo, may both luck and creativity flow with you.

Sold! Sugar Cane Twister CTPII

Sugar Cane Twister CTPII

It is the last day of PrintAustin 2021 and the event has been a good inspiration to still live and breath art during these Covid times. That and nature fuel my world. Many thanks to all involved to make these events work, and I truly appreciate Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas to make my photogravure dreams come true. I was honored to be featured during Creekside’s collaboration with Gallery Shoal Creek artist Koichi Yamamoto.

PrintAustin 2021 Catalogue for Creekside Studio, Austin Texas

As an artist, the best thing you can do for yourself is becoming involved and preparing for an event. Forcing you to organize, create and learn new things that expand your skill set. This time around I was required to prepare a video presentation explaining the editioning of the Sugar Cane Twister photogravures. So off I go, purchase a premiere rush video program from adobe and hunch over the computer for hours. Was it worth it? I would have to say a definite yes. The story of the craft unfolded, and I loved how my viewers began to better understand what is involved in the process of making this photogravure. Now, the depth of texture and color, ink and paper can draw you deeper into a story.

And the icing on the cake? The video resulted in a sale! I am very excited that the buyer, who also has another artwork from my PolaVisions series, saw the video and contacted me. They inquired about one of the unique Color Trial Proofs featured in the video that was not even listed for sale. Normally, these Color Trial prints are kept for my private use – but for this lover of art, I knew the art would have the right home.

Conceptually, I am truly gleeful someone appreciated this particular unique print. Sugar Cane Twister is about environmental art and how the past effects the future, and land holds history to be respected. My final split-edition selections for this photogravure series reflects the past and the present. What I feel about this particular one-of-a-kind Sugar Cane Twister proof – is that it visually merges both past and present within one print – to me the viewer feels the morphing of a past era into our current times. Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, knocked it out of the ball park with these ink colors and Chine collé.

If you haven’t seen the trial proofing video you may watch it here:

Now to catch up on some print signing and begin the story telling of my next two prints in the Telescoping Landscapes series, Ediz Hook, and the Sacred Hoh from Washington. Details coming soon.

PrintAustin/PrintExpo 2021

I hope you can visit PrintAustin online January 15-February 13, 2021, as I am participating with Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas. On view are new photogravure editions for my Telescoping Landscapes series – and Creekside is also hosting a collaboration with Gallery Shoal Creek artist, Koichi Yamamoto. Koichi is a must see!

Also, watch for 2 special events to be held February 6, for PrintAustin PrintExpo. An artist talk with Koichi Yamamoto and a curating prints demonstration by co-founder Tracy Mayrello/Creekside Studio ATX will be held online and registration is free!

Register at
Creekside Studio will be available by appointment only, please contact us

I’ve created a video to explain the process of print variations of Sugar Cane Twister to decide the final edition. If so inclined, thanks for watching!

Sugar Cane Twister Pre-Publication Sale

Sugar Cane Twister from my Telescoping Landscapes series is finally near completion! As an artist working with Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello @creeksidestudioatx, I have selected the final edition choices for Sugar Cane Twister (RTP1 and RTP2). This edition will be featured during PrintAustin 2021, January 15-February 13. Register for PrintAustin’s free one day conference PrintExpo on February 6, to see Mayrello/Creekside Studio demonstrate print curating and our featured collaborating Gallery Shoal Creek artist, Koichi Yamamoto, give a live artist talk.

A pre-publication price of $600 is normally offered for the first 4 prints of the Sugar Cane Twister edition sold, helping to fund the remainder of the project – and is priced at $700 thereafter. Only during PrintAustin 2021
we are offering a special pricing of $500 for these first 4 pre-publication prints.

Your purchase helps fund small business and the arts.
For sales contact us at:

Click here to watch our new video on the edition process of Sugar Cane Twister.

And so, PrintAustin begins!

Almost Real Things Features Tina Weitz for Austin Studio Tour

Creekside Studio and I are excited to be featured with Almost Real Things as one of 8 more artists to check out during this last weekend of Austin Studio Tour with Big Medium.

“Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes captured by photographer Tina Weitz.”

What a great way to end a great week of art! Thank you, Almost Real Things.

Visit the Artists Curated by Sponsor Austin Chronicle @austinstudiotour

Many thanks Big Medium @bigmediumaustin and sponsor Austin Chronicle @austinchronicle for including me in this curated list of amazing photographic artists with Austin Studio Tour 2020. Here is the list of curated artists (well worth clicking on and viewing each and every artist link below!) for:

The Austin Chronicle’s Guide to Art Inspired Beyond City Limits

Robin Winter

Kevin Sweeney

Tina Weitz

Carol Hayman

Vera Schoepe

Ashley Garmon

Westfield Fine Art

Cara Jackson

Bita Ghassemi

Salvador Rodriguez

Also a quick shout out to Creekside Studio ATX for making this all possible.

Art Inspired Beyond City Limits

Sugar Cane Twister RTP1

Many thanks to Big Medium and the Austin Chronicle as I have been selected with 9 other artists to be featured for The Austin Chronicle‘s Themed Tour, Art Inspired Beyond City Limits. Themed tours are curated lists of artists on the Austin Studio Tour that are selected by some of the tour sponsors, centered around one theme and have a special section on You can see the virtual selections Saturday, November 14, as the tour begins its first weekend. What a great way to start!