Tina Weitz @sec4p “iphoneography” & “The Still Life”

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The Carnival of Christmas © Tina Weitz Photography

I am participating in 2 juried exhibits back to back at the SE Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina.  Many thanks to the jurors and center for the selections.

iPhoneography, Juror Dan Burkholder
Opening Reception 3/2, 6-8PM
The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Richard Alton   Sara Augenbraun   Joann Benzinger   Bruce Berkow   Echo Cooper   Steve Field   Nadide Goksun   Mallory Gottlieb   Charles Hively   Michael Honegger   Steven Jungquist   Candi S Kalinsky    Chuck Keppler   Angela Kleis   Karen Klinedinst   Susan Lirakis   Morgan Lytle   Bobbi McMurry   Heather Mull   Stephen Murphy   Julia Nathanson   William Nieberding   Anastasia Potekhina   Joseph Rafferty   Madeline Ring   Marian Rubin   Kevin Russo   Jane Schultz
Bill Shumaker   Barbara Snyder   Debra Van Swearingen   Sam Wang   Candice Washington   Tina Weitz   and Michael Yoder

This image was taken at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.  The ferris wheel was located next to the famous Zilker Tree and in later years (after controversy) was moved to a new location in the park.

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“Kitchy Curtain” © Tina Weitz Photography

The Still Life, Juror Kimberly Witham
Opening Reception 4/13, 6-8PM

The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Hannah Arnette   Angie Pember Brockey   Susan Bryant
Jo Ann Chaus   Mihai Chebac   Robert Dutruch   William Earle
Malcolm Easton   Vladimir Frumin   Daniel George   Nadide Goksun  Margaret Halaby   Jackie Heitchue   Gea Hogeveen   Susan Kott  Thomas Ladd   Carol Lawrence   Laura Malaterra   Jim McKinniss  Lea Murphy   Katherine Richmond   Wilford Scott   Melissa Stewart  JP Terlizzi   Terry Towery   and Tina Weitz

From the series “Pola-Visions” reflecting past fading memories on expired time-zero Polaroid film and taken on vintage SX70 cameras.










Expired Polaroid and The Healing of She

I haven’t been posting as I have been preparing for a long distance change of location –  a pain and a blessing. I was forced to attack 27 years of photography images –  film, digital and alternative. Within the purge and sort, I saw a new series I had been working on all along, but did not see until now. Images I thought were “one of a kinds” with no continuity to any working series I had in progress, so set aside. Who knew? #weseefromwithin

Due to preparing to move there has been no time for Polaroid fun.  So, I took a day off this week and created “The Healing of She”. A wonderful way to enjoy my day and refresh before I say goodbye and finish my move. #timezero #expiredpolaroid #sx70 #polaroid

Things do not happen unless you (as in the words of a Macy Gray song) “Get up, get up and do SOMETHING, don’t let your life just pass you by”.

The Healing of She © 2017 Tina Weitz

And then I realized how many images I have taken of the power of feminine…  Works that express my inner self within the visual. I have had so many prayers, and it started to creep into my (subconscious) work.

Woman Prayers II © 2016 Tina Weitz

So once I land in a new home, I will be exploring this further.  I’ll keep you posted!






Fishing for Iconography Wheat Pasting in Johnson City

A Time to Remember © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

A Time to Remember © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

I am excited to be chosen as part of the wheat pasting project, Fishing for Iconography in Johnson City with ASmith Gallery.  The image chosen is dear to me, as it is one of WWII veterans gathering at the Camp Mabry Texas Military Forces Museum to celebrate a Sweetheart Dance in honor of their service.  Vintage clothing, authentic service uniforms, honoring servicemen and the best live big band in Texas, The Sentimental Journey Orchestra, sweeps everyone back in time.

See the wheat pasting project here: http://asmithgallery.com/art-wall-pecan-street-brewing/


Polaroid time-zero Counting Down


When I Think of My Boys © 2016 Tina Weitz


A Continuation of My Pola-Vision Series

I was elated and somber at the same time as I cracked out 10 of the unopened boxes of time-zero Polaroid film I had shipped from the final days of the US factory manufacture in 2005.  The film expired in 2006.

To hear that click and whirrrrrrr from my old SX70 camera.  To see the magic appear.  To continue a vision near to your heart.  All the things that make me a photographer.  I had a wonderful day in my analogue world.




Blur Magazine Features ASmith Gallery “Flawed” Exhibit and “Beauty Rituals”

Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz

                                                                 Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz

I am excited to say I have another image featured in the most recent Blur Magazine via the current A Smith Gallery exhibition juried by editor, Michael Kirchoff.

From Michael:
“Once again, I happily share with you my selections for the latest issue of Blur Magazine. The Feb/March issue (#47) of Blur is now live and ready to download here… http://www.blur-magazine.com/shop/issue-47

Inside this issue you’ll find stunning imagery from Robert Moran, Matthew Lawson Magruder, Katharina Ira Fotografie, as well as other equally talented individuals provided by the rest of the Blur team. I’m also happy to report an added section devoted to the “flawed” exhibit of instant film images from the A Smith Gallery Hope you enjoy, and as always, sincere thanks for checking it out!”

The exhibition will be on view through March 6, 2016, so if you are in Johnson City, please stop by A Smith Gallery to see the artworks, say hello to Kevin and Amanda and enjoy.


Pola-Vision at the Terrazas Library

Many thanks to the City of Austin and the Terrazas Library for showcasing my Polaroid images during the 2015 East Austin Studio Tour and for a few months thereafter.  It is an honor to offer art to my local community.  Ten large format framed prints were installed in the public meeting room and 7 other artworks were placed throughout the library. My favorite space at this library is the children’s reading section.  I like that Aloha Spirit was featured here so that children would dream of going to Hawaii as I do. Also, a big thank you to all of the library staff for being so warm and excited to share my work.


“Flawed” Exhibit and a Hand-Manipulated time-zero Polaroid Film Image

Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz

Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz

flawed: an instant film exhibition featuring juror, Michael Kirchoff, will be on view at ASmith Gallery January 15 through March 6, 2016.  I am grateful and excited to be included in this instant (magic) imagery.

receptions | January 30 & February 27, 2016 4 to 7pm
103 N Nugent Ave, Johnson City, TX 78636

about the image:
From the days of fresh Polaroid time-zero film and the hand-manipulation of the chemicals within.  I often did this within 24 hours of a shoot, by heating the surface of the print with a hair dryer to increase the pressure sensitivity of the magic happening directly beneath the thin top surface.  My tool of choice, a barbecue skewer – scraping and shaping the facets of the image to my pleasing.

Beauty Rituals is a comment on the daily peacock rituals expected of beauty and today’s “modern” woman.  These items were pulled from my own makeup drawers in the powder room from my (then) daily quest of this concept.


Tina Weitz “Instantion” in Blur Magazine Issue 46

Today is the day! Blur Magazine has come out with Issue 46 featuring my time-zero Polaroid images.  Look under the Instantion Section to find the write-up showcasing my Pola-Vision series.


I am beyond honored and humbled.  The quality and vision of the photographers in this issue has taken my breath.  I am re-inspired all over again in the pursuit of bringing images to life.

Many thanks to each of the editors, writers, designers, photographers and artistic visionaries who made this issue possible.  Photography is alive and well.

Below: Print of Grandmother Cora Williams glasses and handkerchief on time-zero expired Polaroid film.


Cora © 2015