With Love, Drake – On Sale Through January

I have been a bit behind this week, but still plan to add a few new prints to the Simple Inspirations online shop before January. I hope you can stop by and browse. In the meantime – I have decided to extend the sale on “With Love, Drake” through the end of January. The worldContinue reading “With Love, Drake – On Sale Through January”

New – Online Shop Prints “Simple Inspirations”

I have started a series of simple home design prints – Simple Inspirations. These inspirations and images come from my every day life. Moments that caught my eye that I wanted to remember, savor, or smile upon again. Moments of the road traveled by this spirit. – Tina Weitz Now available in my online storeContinue reading “New – Online Shop Prints “Simple Inspirations””

Creekside Projects Update

The new year is already busy with duties, such as properly storing and preparing my newest photogravures. A good job requires careful handling (with gloves), interleaving, making archival folders for shipping/storing and logging inventory. Then off a few of them go to sell at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas. Next, time to make the finalContinue reading “Creekside Projects Update”

Be an Art Patron @ creeksidestudioatx

As an artist working with Creekside Studio, in Austin, Texas, we’re gearing up for post covid times and getting back to the business of printmaking and collaborations. How exciting to be planning and continuing this journey. To reach printmaking goals, I am offering a Creekside Studio merchandise lapel pin for patrons who wish to supportContinue reading “Be an Art Patron @ creeksidestudioatx”

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