Cora © Tina Weitz

Working with the last of her expired Polaroid Time-Zero film, Tina Weitz captures images from her surroundings today that conjure her vanishing past. The film on hand ceased manufacture in 2006 and Weitz uses vintage SX-70 cameras. The resulting images fight to the surface with failing chemistry, reminding us our present becomes past in the time it takes to press a shutter.
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Road to 78704

Eduordo’s Dynaflow © Tina Weitz

Once upon a time in Austin, Texas, there was a place south of the river. A place with a mystique of its own, known as 78704. Today, with growth and development, not much remains of this era from the land near Zilker Park and Barton Springs – known for landmarks such as Artz Ribhouse and Amelia’s Retrovogue.  These images are inspired from a place where life was savored and seemed just a little bit sweeter.

Telescoping Landscapes

Sugar Cane Twister II

The art of the landscape capture has many layered meanings, known or unbeknownst to the photographer.  It is not until we dig deeper, that we see the workings within our images that are hidden – or not so hidden. Traces and remnants of history held in what now remains from the impact of environment and man.

In this series of photogravures, Telescoping Landscapes, I explore what we see on the surface and through the artworks, tell the story held within.
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