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Creekside Studio Patron Enamel Pin

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This soft enamel pin with metal backing is the Creekside Studio logo, designed and collaborated by Creekside’s ardent small business supporter Dr. Allen Cline and founders artist Jun Wan and Master Printer Tracy Mayrello. The Creekside community also includes Master Printer Cordelia Blanchard, photographer Tina Weitz and artist and Master Lithographer Veronica Ceci.

When wearing our logo, may both luck and creativity flow with you.

Profits from the purchase of this lapel pin supports small business, women in business, and women printmakers to continue working, creating and publishing art with other artists in the Austin, Texas studio – funding studio growth through wish list items such as tools, technology and printmaking equipment.

From Dr. Cline, “The Creekside Studio seal is modeled after a traditional Chinese Yang style Seal. The characters “Xi Pan” (meaning Creekside) are seen in Cinnabar red. They incorporate radicals within which include meanings of water’s movement through space – and questions of how this takes place. The carp is seen floating in the seal, creating movements in the water that both bring luck and creativity to the process. Water is the element of creativity, but it is also the ground substance from which all life springs. Together as an image this seal represents all that Creekside Studio has to offer. Art, collaboration, education and inspiration.”
Pin size is approximately 1″ wide by 0.8 ” high and has a metal push pin back.
See more about the printmaking studio at www.creeksidestudioatx.com.
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