Strolling Umbria Photogravure


Strolling Umbria Photogravure

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Strolling Umbria 2020

Strolling Umbria 2020
Telescoping Landscapes series

Landscape does not just entail nature. There is also the landscape of man, evolving with or against natural design. And often, as time marches on, making obsolete what once was.

As I reflect on what I have seen just in my lifetime, Iconic Umbria is what came to mind from my trip to Italy in 2013. Pre-pandemic strolling in the beauty of the landscape, people, food and talents of artisans whose processes have been passed down through the centuries.

Since that trip, Italy (and our whole world) has changed at an accelerated rate. Artisans, unique processes and villages are disappearing and may be forever lost. Advances in technology, the availability of work, climate change/earthquakes, the decline of the younger population and the pandemic have all effected this unique landscape.

-Tina Weitz

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