Naked Cowgirl Déjà vu

I had a déjà vu moment at Barton Springs in Austin, Texas this week.  Before my eyes, in the fashion of our city Springs in the 60’s, stood a topless cowgirl cooling off in the 68 degree water amidst the humanity and canines seeking shelter from the heat. A few years before I walked intoContinue reading “Naked Cowgirl Déjà vu”

I’m Participating in the Red Dot Art Spree

I will part of this year’s Red Dot Art Spree and Silent Auction at Women and Their Work. Click on the link above to find out about an Austin event you don’t want to miss. Great artists, great patrons, fabulous gallery and an awesome place to buy art. Please visit my art, thank you!“Across theContinue reading “I’m Participating in the Red Dot Art Spree”

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