Sugar Cane Twister

I have a new concept I want to develop using my iPhone landscapes taken during my travels. Here is an example from a recent trip to Maui. The sugar cane burn cloud perfectly resembled a (hometown) Texas tornado. I think these would make awesome photo gravures in sepia ink. Processed with my ever favorite, PhotoToaster.


iPhoneography and the Bonus of Spontaneity

Yup. You have that iPhone with you just about everywhere.  That is what I love about it, the opportunity for creativity is always at your fingertips. I saw this shark bottle stopper while out to dinner and well… hope you enjoy the fun of this moment. “Shark Week” with a little Photo Toaster app.

Shark Week

iPhoneography in a College Course

English College Offers iPhoneography Course In my perusals, I found this link that iPhoneography has made it to college. In ENGLAND. This Austinite thinks that would be dandy!

My name is Tina Weitz, and I have an addiction. Yes, I am crazy in love with my iPhone camera and apps.

The research I have been doing for my upcoming class on June 10, Addictus ∝ iPhoneography, has re-inspired me all over again as to the power of this emerging artistic medium. Our phones are with us most of the time, which in turn keeps my mind’s eye open more often. In the next few months I will update my iPhone album(s) at

For class, I hope to be as beneficial for those who attend as my co-teacher, the talented Energizer Bunny Carol Schiraldi, at House of Carol. To find out more about her ongoing photography antics and artworks go to this photostream link on flickr.

Until then, keep your phone/ipad camera ready for opportunities.   Aren’t we the lucky ones when we get to be the passenger in a car? I love “mobile imagery” at every bend in the road.

“On to Taos” copyright 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

iPhoneography class with Tina Weitz and Carol Schiraldi

addictus ∞ iphoneography

Carol Schiraldi and I will be offering a class with the Studio2Gallery Classroom Series on June on 9 & 10, 2012 in Austin, Texas.

Designed for those fellow compulsive iPhone/app clickers who want to learn more, be in a fun environment, and share creative possibilities using your images.  This class will be limited to 12 participants for a hands on participation with our students.

More details will be announced next week at  I hope you can join the fun! Below is an image taken with my iphone and rendered with Snapseed Drama Filter 2 of my fabulous dog Drake and the artwork we discovered on our walk.

"A Pause/Paws on the Way to the Dog Park"