PhotoToaster Processed into Instagram – Apps for iPhone

I do love revisiting older iPhone images captured after finding a new app I like. First I used PhotoToaster, which offers a lot of processing options and effects, saved it to the camera roll, then processed the new rendering through Instagram.  This is an old tricycle I saw through the window of an abandoned home in Johnson City, Texas.

Children’s Voices © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

East Austin Studio Tour Announced for November 10-18, 2012

November 10-18 East Austin Studio Tour will be here, I have applied and will await my confirmation that my studio will be participating.  Time to get prints and materials rounded up.  This is one of my image choices for advertising.  Taken with an Olloclip lens for my iPhone 4. I love the feeling I can convey with multiple apps being combined. I’ll be having a preview party on November 9, from 6-9pm if you want to visit before the weekend crowds.

Goodrich Passing

iPhoneography and the Bonus of Spontaneity

Yup. You have that iPhone with you just about everywhere.  That is what I love about it, the opportunity for creativity is always at your fingertips. I saw this shark bottle stopper while out to dinner and well… hope you enjoy the fun of this moment. “Shark Week” with a little Photo Toaster app.

Shark Week

iPhoneography in a College Course

English College Offers iPhoneography Course In my perusals, I found this link that iPhoneography has made it to college. In ENGLAND. This Austinite thinks that would be dandy!

My name is Tina Weitz, and I have an addiction. Yes, I am crazy in love with my iPhone camera and apps.

The research I have been doing for my upcoming class on June 10, Addictus ∝ iPhoneography, has re-inspired me all over again as to the power of this emerging artistic medium. Our phones are with us most of the time, which in turn keeps my mind’s eye open more often. In the next few months I will update my iPhone album(s) at

For class, I hope to be as beneficial for those who attend as my co-teacher, the talented Energizer Bunny Carol Schiraldi, at House of Carol. To find out more about her ongoing photography antics and artworks go to this photostream link on flickr.

Until then, keep your phone/ipad camera ready for opportunities.   Aren’t we the lucky ones when we get to be the passenger in a car? I love “mobile imagery” at every bend in the road.

“On to Taos” copyright 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

End of the Iraq War

I remember when my father returned from Vietnam when I was in the 6th grade.  After seeing bullets fly on tv and the reality of war, having him back in our own living room was such a gift. Tears all around, including the dog.  So now, another war ends.  The fortunate get their loved ones back alive. History repeats itself once again. This is my homage to the men and women of war, their courage, and to their ever waiting families. God Bless all who met the challenges of the ultimate sacrifice.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Exhibiting at A Smith Gallery, Johnson City and East Austin Studio Tour 2011

I’m excited to have been selected for the “num6ers” exhibit, juried by Carol Watson and Amanda Smith at the A Smith Gallery in Johnson City.   Click here to see the accepted images.

“Aqua Barbie” is in the current exhibit at A Smith Gallery titled “Alterations”, juried by Jill and Dan Burkholder.  A reception will be held on November 26, exhibit dates are November 11 – December 18, 2011. Click here to see the accepted images.

“Aqua Barbie” – iPhoneography using Photoshop Express app to crop and BeFunky Pro app using the Grunge 3 effect.

Aqua Barbie, 2011 © Tina Weitz Photography

I would love for you to come by and visit my new studio #1 during the East Austin Studio Tour which is stop number 56.  There was a mention in The New York Times about this fabulous event

I have “Stratosphere”, my newest artwork featuring iphoneography, (and an extra print of “Aqua Barbie” 😉 ) on view with 13 other artists at the Studio2Gallery exhibit. Also, I can’t wait for you to see my Polaroid designs on the latest bags and clutches which are available for sale. Last chance to visit the art tour is November 19 and 20 from 11am-6pm at 2830 East Martin Luther King Blvd, Austin, Texas 78702. Hope to see you there!

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