Texas Bluebonnets Lensbaby Style

I love my Lensbaby. Enough so that I have one for both my Nikon D700 and my Canon 7D.  It gives a look no Photoshop tool or digital app can reproduce.  My last post featured a Bluebonnet taken with my iPhone and filtered through an app.  Here is a follow up of the same patch of Bluebonnets taken with my Lensbaby Composer. There is a slight motion blur as the wind gently moved the blossoms with this selected spot focus lens. Always have options available! Push the same subject with a new approach. That is the beauty of photography.

California Dreamin’

I am getting some relief from the Texas heat in California.  Aaaah, thank you universe.  I’ve been California Dreamin’.  Here are a few images to cool down my fellow Texans in their record heat. I was packing the Lensbaby with the wide angle optic.

9/11 a Decade Later, California Fly By

9/11 a Decade Later, Peace at Sunset

and to lighten the mood: Portrait on the Beach

Barbie Goes Native

Santa Fe

I’m just getting started in Santa Fe with a Marti Jeffers Photography workshop, “Spirit of the Southwest”.  We’ve had a small bit of spring snow and everything seems so enchanted.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring.  Also good to be breaking out the Lensbaby again with my new wide angle adaptor.

Desert of Dreams