Creekside Projects Update

The new year is already busy with duties, such as properly storing and preparing my newest photogravures. A good job requires careful handling (with gloves), interleaving, making archival folders for shipping/storing and logging inventory. Then off a few of them go to sell at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas.

Next, time to make the final decisions for creating the photogravure, Ediz Hook, part of my Telescoping Landscapes series. After several variations of color trial proofs, I think Master Printer Tracy Mayrello and I have hit the mark with the new turquoise color. The process requires hanging up the proofs for a few weeks, as my decision vascillates back and forth-back and forth. I move the print(s) from room to room viewing with different light settings. I have paper options to consider – for Ediz Hook, I think it would look great with a natural Kozo Chine collé.

Most recently, the first 12 photogravures of my “Sacred Hoh” varied edition have been completed, signed and are for sale in my online shop, as well as at Austin Creekside Studio (and in their online store).

I’ve made my ink and paper choices for the Sacred Hoh EVII photogravure, I really loved the bone black ink and the hint of green kitakata Chine collé. The Hoh Forest is so thick you don’t see the sky unless you look straight up. I feel the bone black represents the mystery within this dense and sacred place and the green paper calls of the lush vegetation within.

I’ll keep you updated on when my Sacred Hoh EVII photogravures are available for sale!

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