Creekside Studio at AST 2023

My preparations for Austin Studio Tour 2023
@creeksidestudio ATX have begun!

I am signing the Edition Varied II photogravures for Sacred Hoh and preparing for exhibiting in November during the annual Austin City Wide Studio Tour. A monumental event going on and growing for 23 plus years. Get a map and make your plans, strategy is a must with an amazing array of artists and exhibitors.

The Sacred Hoh prints have such ink depth and rich color with mystery added through beautiful Kitakata paper Chine collé, that a photo online just can’t quite capture its mystery. I hope you have time to add a stop at Creekside Studio to your art day viewing during the Studio Tour – to see for yourself.

I’ll have the new EVII in my online shop in a few days.

Many thanks go to collaborator and Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello on this project.

Sacred Hoh EVII

Lone Star Bus, Broken Spoke

Now Available in the Online Shop!

2013 Open Edition
image 11″h x 14″w printed on *13″h x 16″w paper
*1″ white border around all sides of the image
Canson Baryta Photographique 310 gsm paper
archival pigment ink

I remember the day it was announced that the Broken Spoke in Austin, Texas was getting an upscale living/retail multi-level development as a neighbor.  The iconic location was soon to be encased in Austin’s burgeoning growth. I knew I wanted to capture an image asap, the change was to be soon and I wanted a landmark image without construction of condos and retail space. With hopes of a Texas sunset backdrop, I packed up my gear and transparency film for that evening.

As I arrived for setup, gusty high winds kicked up and the parking lot dirt began to swirl wildly in the air. Luckily, I was using my Mamiya 67 camera on a heavy duty tripod.  I sat tight for the appointed hour of changing light, my camera firmly planted and as if on cue – the wind stopped minutes before sunset. The result was an atmosphere full of dirt particles with an amazing atmospheric burnt orange glow.  It was a true Austin, Texas moment.

I cross processed the medium format transparency film and scanned it for digital printing.  My image portrays the glory of that evening, with an Austin icon I will always hold in my heart. – Tina Weitz

with each purchase of Lone Star Bus, Broken Spoke a $5.00 donation will made to:
Welfare for Animals Guild, Sequim Washington

Shipping within the United States is included with this purchase. Usual delivery is 7-10 days, but due to any unexpected shipping delays, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. We will notify you when your order has shipped.

Tracy Mayrello’s Road to Wellness

Tracy Mayrello’s Road to Wellness GoFundMe

Tina Weitz here. I have set up a GoFundMe, and appreciate you taking the time to read and perhaps help Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello. She is my studio mate, collaborator for printmaking photogravures and a friend of many years. Looking for beautiful fine art printmaking? Shop @creeksidesstudioatx to support her business/our print shop during this time of healing. Thank you.

The Austin Chronice Recommends…

Thank you, Wayne Alan Brenner and The Austin Chronicle for including Creekside Studio as a PrintAustin “treat” to explore.

Read here:

Creekside Studio will be open Saturdays from noon to 4pm through February 11 during PrintAustin, a citywide event. We hope you can stop by to see our Studio Salon Exhibit and my ongoing photogravure series, “Telescoping Landscapes.”

Iao Valley, Maui

Creekside Studio in the Canopy Art Complex
916 Springdale Road Bldg 2 #103B, Austin, Texas 78702
also available by appointment email

PrintAustin 2023 @creeksidestudioatx

PrintAustin begins next week and my new photogravures will be available at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas. Featured will be a Studio Salon Print Exhibition, so come by and see some outstanding printmaking during this citywide event.

I want to thank Sightlines Magazine for mentioning our exhibit as a must see for January. Read here.

Creekside Studio is also open by appointment, email to schedule.

Creekside Studio, 916 Springdale Rd Austin TX 78702 in the Canopy Complex

With Love, Drake – On Sale Through January

I have been a bit behind this week, but still plan to add a few new prints to the Simple Inspirations online shop before January. I hope you can stop by and browse.

In the meantime – I have decided to extend the sale on “With Love, Drake” through the end of January. The world needs a daily reminder of more love these days. And isn’t this the perfect gift for a Valentine?

The image is dedicated to a very special dog. Here is the story of “With Love, Drake“.

On a blustery fall day,  two nests fell from their trees into my Red Maple bush. I set one nest upon the other to pick them up and smiled. The two nests had become the shape of a heart, and I noticed one nest had a precious secret. The bed was lined with hair collected in the yard from My Mastiff Pyrenees, Drake. I gave that nest to my husband in an acrylic display box with Drake’s nose print the Christmas after our precious boy crossed the rainbow bridge. This image symbolizes eternal love and the cycle of life – and how dogs bless our life.

with each purchase of With Love Drake, a $5.00 donation will made to:

Welfare for Animals Guild, Sequim Washington
Drake the Great

New – Online Shop Prints “Simple Inspirations”

I have started a series of simple home design prints – Simple Inspirations. These inspirations and images come from my every day life. Moments that caught my eye that I wanted to remember, savor, share or smile upon again. Moments of the road traveled by this spirit. – Tina Weitz

Now available in my online store at

for each purchase of the print, With Love, Drake, $5.00 will be donated to
Welfare for Animals Guild, Sequim Washington

Watch for new prints to be added to this series throughout the month of December. Sign up for my blog to receive discounts and updates from Tina Weitz Photography.

@creeksidestudioatx/Austin Studio Tour Nov 19 & 20, 2022

Photogravures from my Telescoping Landscapes Series are on display at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas for this final weekend of Austin Studio Tour 2022. Hours are noon-6pm November 19&20 – stop number 375. Creekside is exhibiting salon style walls of their available prints and a chance to see the print shop. Owner and Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, will be available to share or answer questions about the artists, printmaking and processes on display. Come see our studio and what @creeksidestudioatx is all about! Works on view are from the Master Printer Collection, guest artists

and our Creekside Studio artists:

Tracy Mayrello
Tina Weitz
Jun Wan
Veronica Ceci
Cordelia Blanchard

Strolling Umbria © Tina Weitz 2020

Now available, my newest photogravure “Strolling Umbria”.

view map to Creekside Studio @canopyaustin: 916 Springdale Road Bldg 2 #103B, Austin, Texas

Tina Weitz @creeksidestudioatx and MACC for Austin Studio Tour 2022

Visit us at Creekside Studio for Austin Studio Tour 2022 to see some amazing printmaking! For a map to the studio in the Canopy Art Complex click here.

This print will also on display at the Mexican American Cultural Center for the Austin Studio Tour 2022 Kickoff exhibit. I couldn’t be more excited to participate in such a beautiful museum setting. Thank you Big Medium for all your work to make this city wide event happen year after year and to the MACC – located at 600 River Street. This event is in partnership with the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center and Origin Studio House, celebrating 20 years and 29 iterations of studio tours with Big Medium. Get a peek of the 500+ artists featured with Austin Studio Tour in this Group Exhibition.

Sightlines Features Open Canopy

Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas

Sightlines recently gave a shout out to the monthly Canopy open studios, featured every first Saturday from 1-4pm. Canopy is an arts complex in Central East Austin that includes artist studios, gallery spaces & a cafe located at 916 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702 – and where I edition my prints @creeksidestudioatx. Thank you, Sightlines, with the mention of Creekside Studio!

If you would like to see some of my prints, stop by during open studio or make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed as Creekside features printmaking from a variety of national and international artists. You may contact the studio at:


Finalizing Ediz Hook

It was amazing to spend a day at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas and finalize the Ediz Hook proofs this month after an (ever so long) pandemic break from traveling. Unfortunately, I only had one day in the studio but it was enough to make the decision of ink color for this photogravure. Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, was spot on in the selection of her “special blue” turquoise – which was definitely the best color choice. The surprise element for me was trying one of the new proofs with a Light Blue Kozo from Hiromi Paper which I had just purchased and – POW!!! Ediz Hook now reflects the energy and powerful color I feel and want to convey from this location. The oceanic beauty of the Pacific Northwest meets the viewer’s eyes and a captivating history lies within. The final product will be a Chine collé to white background paper which includes a border, creating a smoother appearance of the ink.

I will be offering a pre-publication pricing next month, be sure to watch for an upcoming news announcement for this limited time offer.

Creekside Projects Update

The new year is already busy with duties, such as properly storing and preparing my newest photogravures. A good job requires careful handling (with gloves), interleaving, making archival folders for shipping/storing and logging inventory. Then off a few of them go to sell at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas.

Next, time to make the final decisions for creating the photogravure, Ediz Hook, part of my Telescoping Landscapes series. After several variations of color trial proofs, I think Master Printer Tracy Mayrello and I have hit the mark with the new turquoise color. The process requires hanging up the proofs for a few weeks, as my decision vascillates back and forth-back and forth. I move the print(s) from room to room viewing with different light settings. I have paper options to consider – for Ediz Hook, I think it would look great with a natural Kozo Chine collé.

Most recently, the first 12 photogravures of my “Sacred Hoh” varied edition have been completed, signed and are for sale in my online shop, as well as at Austin Creekside Studio (and in their online store).

I’ve made my ink and paper choices for the Sacred Hoh EVII photogravure, I really loved the bone black ink and the hint of green kitakata Chine collé. The Hoh Forest is so thick you don’t see the sky unless you look straight up. I feel the bone black represents the mystery within this dense and sacred place and the green paper calls of the lush vegetation within.

I’ll keep you updated on when my Sacred Hoh EVII photogravures are available for sale!

Visit the Studio with PrintAustin 2022

I will be participating with Creekside Studio during PrintAustin 2022. To see the works available Creekside will be open by appointment only – schedule at email Masks are required.

There are many inspiring examples of printmaking and processes to see here. As a small business, we really could use your support. Consider purchasing one of our logo inspired merchandise items if you can’t stop by. Click here to shop.

Austin Studio Tour @creeksidestudioatx Exhibits “Sacred Hoh”

“Sacred Hoh” EV1

Editioning has begun on my Chine collé photogravure of “Sacred Hoh” at Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas and I am excited to have it on display during Austin Studio Tour 2021. Many thanks to Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, for helping me to create a beautiful varied edition. Visit Creekside at 916 Springdale Road Bldg 2 #103B @canopyaustin.

Through this image and the vibrance, I try to relate the experience of standing in the arms of this sacred place, Hoh Forest. There was such quiet. Peace. Moss and growth thicker than I have ever seen, majestic ancients, giant trees filtering the light with every shade of green ever imaginable. The green glowed as if God had an emerald lens filter in front of the sun. You feel the clean air.

The trails are natural routes from the elk that are part of this eco system. There are halls of moss, and you begin to believe in fairies.

This protected area, once reverent for the quiet, is now being invaded by noise. Not only from the record number of people visiting parks, but the noise pollution that lurks from above.

Read more in this article from the National Parks Conservation Association:

I am offering a pre-publication sale price of $500.00 for the first 4 prints sold. The pricing on the edition thereafter will be $600.00. Pre-publication pricing supports the artist by funding project costs during editioning.

Click here to shop online from Creekside Studio.

Visit Us at Austin Studio Tour/EAST in November

I’ll be exhibiting again this year in Austin Studio tour, with a great artist lineup at Creekside Studio. There is nothing better than viewing artworks virtually or in person – and also have a city wide shopping option online! It is an extravaganza for amazing creatives, so make a list and hit your top picks first. Plan it out at

Sugar Cane Twister I, Maui by Tina Weitz

Photogravure Proofs Ediz and Hoh Forest

Color Trial Proofs ©Tina Weitz Photography

New color trials have just arrived from Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas. Many thanks to Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, for collaborating up some beautiful photogravure proofs!

I’ll need to make final ink decisions for editioning two new works – Ediz Hook, Washington and Sacred Hoh, Washington – for my Telescoping Landscapes series. After many months delay in production materials and also business hour shutdowns, it is great to make such progress and new art again.

I hope to “see you” – at whatever version of Austin Studio Tour 2021 and Print Austin 2022 come to us in the next 6 months.

Continue to be/stay safe. – Tina

Be an Art Patron @ creeksidestudioatx

As an artist working with Creekside Studio, in Austin, Texas, we’re gearing up for post covid times and getting back to the business of printmaking and collaborations. How exciting to be planning and continuing this journey.

To reach printmaking goals, I am offering a Creekside Studio merchandise lapel pin for patrons who wish to support the print studio and its artists (or just like a really cool lapel pin!) – during these times of growth and change. To purchase click here.

Profits from the purchase of this lapel pin supports small business, women in business, and women printmakers to continue working, creating and publishing with artists in the Austin, Texas studio – funding studio growth through wish list items such as tools, technology and printmaking equipment.

From Dr. Cline, “The Creekside Studio seal is modeled after a traditional Chinese Yang style Seal. The characters “Xi Pan” (meaning Creekside) are seen in Cinnabar red. They incorporate radicals within which include meanings of water’s movement through space – and questions of how this takes place. The carp is seen floating in the seal, creating movements in the water that both bring luck and creativity to the process. Water is the element of creativity, but it is also the ground substance from which all life springs. Together as an image this seal represents all that Creekside Studio has to offer. Art, collaboration, education and inspiration.”

Pin size is approximately 1″ wide by 0.8 ” high and has a metal push pin back.
When wearing our logo, may both luck and creativity flow with you.

Sold! Sugar Cane Twister CTPII

Sugar Cane Twister CTPII

Our the last day of PrintAustin 2021 and the event has been a good inspiration to still live and breath art during these Covid times. That and nature fuel my world. Many thanks to all involved to make these events work, and I truly appreciate Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas to make my photogravure dreams come true. I was honored to be featured during Creekside’s collaboration with Gallery Shoal Creek artist Koichi Yamamoto.

PrintAustin 2021 Catalogue for Creekside Studio, Austin Texas

As an artist, the best thing you can do for yourself is becoming involved and preparing for an event. Forcing you to organize, create and learn new things that expand your skill set. This time around I was required to prepare a video presentation explaining the editioning of the Sugar Cane Twister photogravures. So off I go, purchase a premiere rush video program from adobe and hunch over the computer for hours. Was it worth it? I would have to say a definite yes. The story of the craft unfolded, and I loved how my viewers began to better understand what is involved in the process of making this photogravure. Now, the depth of texture and color, ink and paper can draw you deeper into a story.

And the icing on the cake? The video resulted in a sale! I am very excited that the buyer, who also has another artwork from my PolaVisions series, saw the video and contacted me. They inquired about one of the unique Color Trial Proofs featured in the video that was not even listed for sale. Normally, these Color Trial prints are kept for my private use – but for this lover of art, I knew the art would have the right home.

Conceptually, I am truly gleeful someone appreciated this particular unique print. Sugar Cane Twister is about environmental art and how the past effects the future, and land holds history to be respected. My final split-edition selections for this photogravure series reflects the past and the present. What I feel about this particular one-of-a-kind Sugar Cane Twister proof – is that it visually merges both past and present within one print – to me the viewer feels the morphing of a past era into our current times. Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, knocked it out of the ball park with these ink colors and Chine collé.

If you haven’t seen the trial proofing video you may watch it here:

Now to catch up on some print signing and begin the story telling of my next two prints in the Telescoping Landscapes series, Ediz Hook, and the Sacred Hoh from Washington. Details coming soon.

PrintAustin/PrintExpo 2021

I hope you can visit PrintAustin online January 15-February 13, 2021, as I am participating with Creekside Studio in Austin, Texas. On view are new photogravure editions for my Telescoping Landscapes series – and Creekside is also hosting a collaboration with Gallery Shoal Creek artist, Koichi Yamamoto. Koichi is a must see!

Also, watch for 2 special events to be held February 6, for PrintAustin PrintExpo. An artist talk with Koichi Yamamoto and a curating prints demonstration by co-founder Tracy Mayrello/Creekside Studio ATX will be held online and registration is free!

Register at
Creekside Studio will be available by appointment only, please contact us

I’ve created a video to explain the process of print variations of Sugar Cane Twister to decide the final edition. If so inclined, thanks for watching!

Sugar Cane Twister Pre-Publication Sale

Sugar Cane Twister from my Telescoping Landscapes series is finally near completion! As an artist working with Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello @creeksidestudioatx, I have selected the final edition choices for Sugar Cane Twister (RTP1 and RTP2). This edition will be featured during PrintAustin 2021, January 15-February 13. Register for PrintAustin’s free one day conference PrintExpo on February 6, to see Mayrello/Creekside Studio demonstrate print curating and our featured collaborating Gallery Shoal Creek artist, Koichi Yamamoto, give a live artist talk.

A pre-publication price of $600 is offered for the first 4 prints of the Sugar Cane Twister edition sold, helping to fund the remainder of the project – and are priced at $700 thereafter.

Click here to watch our new video on the edition process of Sugar Cane Twister.
And so, PrintAustin begins!

Almost Real Things Features Tina Weitz for Austin Studio Tour

Creekside Studio and I are excited to be featured with Almost Real Things as one of 8 more artists to check out during this last weekend of Austin Studio Tour with Big Medium.

“Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes captured by photographer Tina Weitz.”
Thank you for the compliment Almost Real Things. What a great way to end a great week of art!

Visit the Artists Curated by Sponsor Austin Chronicle @austinstudiotour

Many thanks Big Medium @bigmediumaustin and sponsor Austin Chronicle @austinchronicle for including me in this curated list of amazing photographic artists with Austin Studio Tour 2020. Here is the list of curated artists (well worth clicking on and viewing each and every artist link below!) for:

Strolling Umbria © Tina Weitz

The Austin Chronicle’s Guide to Art Inspired Beyond City Limits

Robin Winter

Kevin Sweeney

Tina Weitz

Carol Hayman

Vera Schoepe

Ashley Garmon

Westfield Fine Art

Cara Jackson

Bita Ghassemi

Salvador Rodriguez

Also a quick shout out to Creekside Studio ATX for making this all possible.

Art Inspired Beyond City Limits

Sugar Cane Twister RTP1

Many thanks to Big Medium and the Austin Chronicle as I have been selected with 9 other artists to be featured for The Austin Chronicle‘s Themed Tour, Art Inspired Beyond City Limits. Themed tours are curated lists of artists on the Austin Studio Tour that are selected by some of the tour sponsors, centered around one theme and have a special section on You can see the virtual selections Saturday, November 14, as the tour begins its first weekend. What a great way to start!

Cover of Austin Studio Tour Catalogue

Austin Studio Tour 2020

I will be participating at Creekside Studio in the 2020 Austin Studio Tour with 420 Austin-based artists and collaboratives – featured in this combined edition of the East and West Studio Tours! Start following by visiting

Telescoping Landscapes

Sugar Cane Twister RTP2

The art of the landscape capture has many layered meanings – realized or hidden, from the photographic eye.  It is not until one looks deeper that the workings within the images are revealed. Visual fragments offer traces and remnants of history that are both environmental and man-made.

In this series of photogravures, Telescoping Landscapes, I explore what we see on the surface, and through the artworks, tell a story held within.

Collaborated with Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello of Creekside Studio, Sugar Cane Twister offers 12 photogravures with blue Kozo chine collè a la poupèe and 12 silver Kozo prints with Payne’s Grey ink. A pre-publication price of $600 will be offered for the first 4 prints sold and will be $700 after pre-publication. Sign up for my news to see the upcoming print variations of Sugar Cane Twister, along with the story behind this image. The printed image is 14.5″h x 11″w and offered on 26″h x 21″w Rives BFK paper.

LightBox Photographic Gallery – Fantastic Film features “Skull Meets Bumper”

Skull Meets Bumper

Many thanks to LightBox Photographic Gallery for selecting my plastic camera/Holga image “Skull Meets Bumper” captured with black and white film. This series Road to 78704 pulls at my heartstrings as these were shot from my days of old while living in a 1938 home and walking my Austin neighborhood full of Keeping it Weird. A review of these images by Robert Faires from the Austin Chronicle can be can be read here. Thanks to LightBox Photographic Gallery and juror, Michael Kirchoff, for all their efforts to make this exhibit possible. On view in the gallery July 11-August 4, 2020.

TimeZero Diptych @asmithgallery

Many thanks to ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas and juror, Kevin Tully, for including “Teapot: Study in Blue” in the Diptych exhibit January 18-March 10, 2019. #timezero #expiredfilm #sx70 #tinaweitzphotography

On Exhibit in “The Still Life” @sec4p

#kitchen #curtain #home
Kitchy Curtain © Tina Weitz

Sending congratulations to my fellow photographers with images in “The Still Life”, opening this Friday at The SE Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Still Life, Juror Kimberly Witham
Opening Reception 4/13, 6-8PM

The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Hannah Arnette   Angie Pember Brockey   Susan Bryant
Jo Ann Chaus   Mihai Chebac   Robert Dutruch   William Earle
Malcolm Easton   Vladimir Frumin   Daniel George   Nadide Goksun  Margaret Halaby   Jackie Heitchue   Gea Hogeveen   Susan Kott  Thomas Ladd   Carol Lawrence   Laura Malaterra   Jim McKinniss  Lea Murphy   Katherine Richmond   Wilford Scott   Melissa Stewart  JP Terlizzi   Terry Towery   and Tina Weitz

From the series Pola-Visions reflecting past fading memories on expired time-zero Polaroid film and taken on vintage SX70 cameras.






Expired Polaroid and The Healing of She

I haven’t been posting as I have been preparing for a long distance change of location –  a pain and a blessing. I was forced to attack 27 years of photography images –  film, digital and alternative. Within the purge and sort, I saw a new series I had been working on all along, but did not see until now. Images I thought were “one of a kinds” with no continuity to any working series I had in progress, so set aside. Who knew? #weseefromwithin

Due to preparing to move there has been no time for Polaroid fun.  So, I took a day off this week and created “The Healing of She”. A wonderful way to enjoy my day and refresh before I say goodbye and finish my move. #timezero #expiredpolaroid #sx70 #polaroid

Things do not happen unless you (as in the words of a Macy Gray song) “Get up, get up and do SOMETHING, don’t let your life just pass you by”.

And then I realized how many images I have taken of the power of feminine…  Works that express my inner self within the visual. I have had so many prayers, and it started to creep into my (subconscious) work.

So once I land in a new home, I will be exploring this further.  I’ll keep you posted!







Creative iPhone Images Class August 14, 2016

Roads to Santa Fe © 2010 Tina Weitz
Roads to Santa Fe © 2010 Tina Weitz

I’ll be teaching a class this month with photographer, Shelley Wood, at Photo Méthode Gallery in Austin, Texas.  I have been in love with the iPhone since we met, and hope to share with others what a creative and innovative tool it can be.

$120 class fee
$110 current TPS Members
limited to 12 participants
*cancellations must be received by August 7, 2016 to receive a refund

click here to register
Schedule: Sunday/August 14, 2016 9:30am to 4:30pm
4:30-5:30 (optional) networking and refreshments

We are looking forward to sharing our passion for iPhone photography, apps and creativity.

9:30-10:15am Introduction and Overview
Meet in the lobby of the Flatbed Press building. Please be prompt, as we will move directly to studio #107 to begin the workshop.

Students will review how a camera works to better understand your iPhone camera and what makes a good image (composition, etc.)

10:15am-12noon Demonstrations of the instructor’s favorite free camera apps – which are tiny versions of photo editing software! Learn to remove content from an image, adjust contrast and brightness and more. A supply list for free apps to download will be provided prior to class.

12noon-1:30pm Brown Bag Working Lunch
A photography assignment will be given. Students will be given a list of potential sites within the area to explore for iPhoneography.

1:30-4:30pm 1 hour of photo app processing time with the instructors followed by class time (includes one 15 minute break). Students will learn more about creative ways to use their images for personal and professional usage such as resizing your images and how to apply a copyright notice.

4:30-5:30 (optional) networking and refreshments

With permission, chosen images will be featured on the Photo Méthode Gallery blog as a slide show.

Classroom time is held on site at Photo Méthode Gallery 2832 E MLK Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702 in the Flatbed Building

The Instructors:
Tina Weitz
is owner of Photo Méthode Gallery in the Flatbed Building in Austin, Texas and worked as an architectural photographer for over 20 years. Her images have been featured in many publications and exhibits, including The Smithsonian Institution. She now champions the old, new and married processes photography has to offer, and the méthode we choose to express our vision with an image capture.

Shelley Wood is owner of her muse, LamWood Ranch, as well as a seasoned photography and darkroom instructor in the Austin, Texas area.  She is a natural born teacher – from swimming classes and mentoring teens – to camera manual exposure basics and alternative process.  She is represented by Photo Méthode Gallery and been featured in exhibits and articles nationwide.

learn more about helping support Texas Photographic Society at:

TPS Logo with Text





Fishing for Iconography Wheat Pasting in Johnson City

A Time to Remember © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography
A Time to Remember © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

I am excited to be chosen as part of the wheat pasting project, Fishing for Iconography in Johnson City with ASmith Gallery.  The image chosen is dear to me, as it is one of WWII veterans gathering at the Camp Mabry Texas Military Forces Museum to celebrate a Sweetheart Dance in honor of their service.  Vintage clothing, authentic service uniforms, honoring servicemen and the best live big band in Texas, The Sentimental Journey Orchestra, sweeps everyone back in time.

See the wheat pasting project here:

2016 Pola-Vision Using Expired time-zero Film

Another day to use my SX70 camera and expired time-zero Polaroid film.  The supply is shortening and the day is bittersweet.  An homage to memory and place.

“Our present becomes past in the time it takes to press a shutter.” – Tina Weitz

Polaroid time-zero Counting Down


A Continuation of My Pola-Vision Series

I was elated and somber at the same time as I cracked out 10 of the unopened boxes of time-zero Polaroid film I had shipped from the final days of the US factory manufacture in 2005.  The film expired in 2006.

To hear that click and whirrrrrrr from my old SX70 camera.  To see the magic appear.  To continue a vision near to your heart.  All the things that make me a photographer.  I had a wonderful day in my analogue world.

Blur Magazine Features ASmith Gallery “Flawed” Exhibit and “Beauty Rituals”

Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz
Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz

I am excited to say I have another image featured in the most recent Blur Magazine via the current A Smith Gallery exhibition juried by editor, Michael Kirchoff.

From Michael:
“Once again, I happily share with you my selections for the latest issue of Blur Magazine. The Feb/March issue (#47) of Blur is now live and ready to download here…

Inside this issue you’ll find stunning imagery from Robert Moran, Matthew Lawson Magruder, Katharina Ira Fotografie, as well as other equally talented individuals provided by the rest of the Blur team. I’m also happy to report an added section devoted to the “flawed” exhibit of instant film images from the A Smith Gallery Hope you enjoy, and as always, sincere thanks for checking it out!”

The exhibition will be on view through March 6, 2016, so if you are in Johnson City, please stop by A Smith Gallery to see the artworks, say hello to Kevin and Amanda and enjoy.

Pola-Vision at the Terrazas Library

Many thanks to the City of Austin and the Terrazas Library for showcasing my Polaroid images during the 2015 East Austin Studio Tour and for a few months thereafter.  It is an honor to offer art to my local community.  Ten large format framed prints were installed in the public meeting room and 7 other artworks were placed throughout the library. My favorite space at this library is the children’s reading section.  I like that Aloha Spirit was featured here so that children would dream of going to Hawaii as I do. Also, a big thank you to all of the library staff for being so warm and excited to share my work.


“Flawed” Exhibit and a Hand-Manipulated time-zero Polaroid Film Image

Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz
Beauty Rituals © Tina Weitz

flawed: an instant film exhibition featuring juror, Michael Kirchoff, will be on view at ASmith Gallery January 15 through March 6, 2016.  I am grateful and excited to be included in this instant (magic) imagery.

receptions | January 30 & February 27, 2016 4 to 7pm
103 N Nugent Ave, Johnson City, TX 78636

about the image:
From the days of fresh Polaroid time-zero film and the hand-manipulation of the chemicals within.  I often did this within 24 hours of a shoot, by heating the surface of the print with a hair dryer to increase the pressure sensitivity of the magic happening directly beneath the thin top surface.  My tool of choice, a barbecue skewer – scraping and shaping the facets of the image to my pleasing.

Beauty Rituals is a comment on the daily peacock rituals expected of beauty and today’s “modern” woman.  These items were pulled from my own makeup drawers in the powder room from my (then) daily quest of this concept.

Tina Weitz “Instantion” in Blur Magazine Issue 46

Today is the day! Blur Magazine has come out with Issue 46 featuring my time-zero Polaroid images.  Look under the Instantion Section to find the write-up showcasing my Pola-Vision series.

I am beyond honored and humbled.  The quality and vision of the photographers in this issue has taken my breath.  I am re-inspired all over again in the pursuit of bringing images to life.

Many thanks to each of the editors, writers, designers, photographers and artistic visionaries who made this issue possible.  Photography is alive and well.

Below: Print of Grandmother Cora Williams glasses and handkerchief on time-zero expired Polaroid film.

Cora © 2015

Homecoming exhibit at Flatbed Press and Gallery

I am part of the current Homecoming exhibit at Flatbed Press and Gallery which was recently mentioned in Glasstire’s TOP FIVE exhibitions and art events across the state of Texas.  Flatbed has worked with many artists in many disciplines to create some of the finest printmaking in the nation.  I am honored to be included.  I have on display an image captured in Johnson City, Texas with instax film titled “Bandito Roy”. On exhibit through December 14.


Tina Weitz Images to be Featured in West Austin Studio Tour 2015

Campy Camper © 2013 Tina Weitz
Campy Camper © 2013 Tina Weitz

I have been asked to exhibit my Pola-Vision Series on the second floor of the Faulk Central Library during this year’s West Austin Studio Tour in May 2015.  Ten large format Polaroid Time Zero print images shot with vintage SX70 cameras will be on display for the tour, and continue to be on exhibit through June.

A bit of history on the library: The Austin Public Library opened in 1926. The present Central Library building was constructed in 1979. In 1995 the Central Library was renamed John Henry Faulk Central Library in honor of local writer and free speech hero John Henry Faulk. As the main library, Faulk Central serves as the reference and collection backbone for the entire Austin Public Library system.

Thank you City of Austin and the Library for this opportunity.

Texas Military Forces Museum Sweetheart Dance


I again had the honor and privilege of photographing the Camp Mabry Texas Military Forces Museum’s Sweetheart Dance and Fundraiser this year in Austin, Texas.  What a wonderful way to honor the veterans and have a vintage night of fun also.  The music was second to none with the 20 piece Sentimental Journey Orchestra transporting you back in time to World War II.  I will be posting the photos taken by February 28, for those anticipating the images and who wish to purchase a print – with proceeds benefiting the museum.  There will also be photos posted from previous years, in case you missed them.  More details soon.

Pre-Publication Pricing through February 10 – Iao Valley Photogravure

Iao Valley 2014 Limited Edition
Iao Valley 2014 Limited Edition

Please stop by Flatbed Press and Galleries through February 10, 2015 to see my new photogravure on exhibit in, “New Editions and Monotypes 2013 – 2014″.  This image was captured in Iao Valley, Maui and is printed in collaboration with master printer, Tracy Mayrello, and printer, Cordelia Blanchard, of Flatbed Press.

The limited edition print is currently being offered at a pre-publication price of $350, after editioning begins, pricing returns to $500.  The image is 11″w x 14″h x printed on 21″w x 26.25″h paper and incorporates chine collé and a la poupée processes.  The edition size is 24.  For more sales information contact

It’s Another Polaroid Sunday

Before this Monday, it was another Polaroid Sunday.  Soooo sweet.  I watch my supply of Polaroid Time Zero diminish and each expired pack is an adventure.  I MUST finish up before the film is completely lifeless.  I am preparing for my continuing exhibit of “Pola-Vision” series in 2015, the last expression of my love for this instant process and my 1970’s SX70 camera.


Cane da Pastore on View at the O2Gallery and Project Space


Guardian of the Olive Grove_webPart two of : Working as a team at Flatbed Press.

My day of trial proofing photogravures included a 4″ x 5″ print dear to my heart. This print began on the grounds of the La Romita School of Art in Italy.  I took this image while wandering through the olive grove and peeking over the aged stone wall at the back of the property.  I had 2 seconds to take this shot, as the Guard Dog performed his diligent duty and herded the sheep to a point of safety from my iPhone picture snapping.

Here is our color trial proof (CTP) choice, we will be making a small edition of à la poupée photogravures with a slight modification to the ink color.  This small treasure was tediously à la poupéed by Printer, Cordelia Blanchard under the supervision of Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello. I am so pleased by their craftsmanship with my photogravure.

This print and 7 other artists’ works that are inspired by the 2 week workshop, will be on exhibit in The Italian Intensive: Umbrian Inspired Artworks from May 9-June 28 at the Flatbed Building O2Gallery and Project Space in Austin, Texas  I hope to see you at the artists’ reception on May 16, from 6-8pm.

To appreciate the detail and difficulty of this process – below see Cordelia applying the ink with a small brush.

cordelia Image

Carnival Moon

This is a carnival dusk shot taken with my iPhone as a passenger on the highway. I took advantage of the blur to add to my ethereal world. Processed with Photoshop Express and Snapseed apps.

iPhoneography to Photogravure

I used my iPhone on a trip to Maui to create this capture of the Baldwin house in Iao Valley.  I knew I wanted to depict this image in a manner that made you feel the early history not only of the home, but of the ancient landscape.

Working as a team at Flatbed Press with Master Printer, Tracy Mayrello, and Printer, Cordelia Blanchard, we spent a day of trial proofing photogravures from a solar plate of my image (made with the assistance of Master Printer, Katherine Brimberry).  From that day of press and ink work, one proof was chosen for the final editioning.  Here is our color trial proof (CTP) choice, we will be making an edition of 15 chine collé, à la poupée, photo gravures as soon as my shipment of green Kozo paper arrives.  This is part of a long term series I am working on: Telescoping Landscapes.




It was also nice working with Lola the Shop Dog.


D700 Import to iPhone to Mac for Speaking Your Vision

Flatbed French Press © 2014 Tina Weitz Photography
Flatbed French Press © 2014 Tina Weitz Photography

Embrace the tools around you to create your world.  I recently used my Nikon D700 to capture an image, imported that to one of my favorite phone apps, PhotoToaster, then saved the revised image on my phone. After that – I import back to the Mac and with Photoshop (on a bigger screen) create a top and bottom edge for the dimensions of the home page for the current online publication Aether ART.  Aether ART is a wonderful art source, visit their home page at Aether Art Magazine. All this gave me the freedom to layer and build an image to say what I see, and yes, what I feel.  I have more on this topic later, as I move from iPhone capture to The Art of The Photogravure.

This photo was taken courtesy of the renown printmaking facility, Flatbed Press and Gallery, conveying the image that comes to ones head when day dreaming of printmaking.  Austin, Texas is preparing for its first PrintAustin 2014, be sure to check out all the printmaking events in the next few weeks as featured in this article from the Austin Chronicle.

Happy New Year! Embrace it.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours for Viewing Pola-Vision

The Flatbed building housing the O2Gallery and Project Space and my current Pola-Vision exhibit will be closed for Thanksgiving day, but will be open 10am- 3pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving week.  Located at 2832 E. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd. in Austin, Texas 78702.  Travel safe and happy holiday.

Shaken Not Stirred
Shaken Not Stirred

Pola-Vision Exhibit at the O2Gallery Space

I have been making preparations the last few months for the East Austin Studio Tour.  Please come and visit me at stop 36.4 at the O2Gallery and Project Space in the Flatbed Building.  There will also be Gallery Shoal Creek, Flatbed Press and Gallery, Photo Méthode Gallery and Truman Marquez Studio hosting exhibits.

Campy Camper web
Campy Camper © 2013 Tina Weitz


November 12-27 , 2013
Opening reception: November 16, 6-8pm

Tina Weitz’s images are a photographic journey of her passion for Polaroid processes and subjects fading and nostalgic.  She shares her vision of awakening memories of something familiar with old cameras, new instant film alternatives and by embracing digital technology.

Pola-Vision encompasses works from Polaroid Time-Zero film while it was still being manufactured, her decaying stock of expired film and the possibilities offered by photography phone apps such as ShakeItPhoto.

Hours E.A.S.T. Weekends: 11am-6pm November 16, 17 and 22, 23
Regular Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm
Closed Nov. 28nd for the Thanksgiving holiday


Polaroid Sunday

I am having a great day today, which I have dubbed Polaroid Sunday.  My Time Zero Polaroid film, which expired in 2006, still held a battery charge and gave me some nostalgic glee.  Click, whrrrrrrr, anticipate – the magic image appears in a cloud and begins to clarify, like a vision in a crystal ball.  Yes, I’m feeling a whole lot of nostalgic today – capturing personal items from my world which bring fondness and memories of things past.  I give thanks to my ever faithful, Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1, for being there for me once again. And to my husband, who has let me store Time Zero film in the lower 1/3 of our refrigerator since 2006.  I am shooting the farewell tour of my antiquated and dying film.

Selections of the images will be displayed in the O2 Gallery and Project Space in the Flatbed Building during East Austin Studio Tour  November 2013 in Austin, Texas.  My exhibit, Pola-Vision, will be a journey driven by over a decade of my Polaroid sentimentality (and addiction).


Aqua Barbie for Auction

Aqua Barbie_web
Aqua Barbie © 2011 Tina Weitz

You know her, you love her, you see her bodacious shadow and know she must be yours.

Be sure to attend the Women and Their Work Red Dot Art Spree & Silent Auction Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 7-10pm to get a chance to purchase my Aqua Barbie print!

The Tarot Garden


It is always good to look for inspiration in the creativity of other artists.  I just visited The Tarot Garden in Italy with the amazing work of Niki de Saint Phalle.  Photos do not do it justice, you MUST see this garden in person.  The towering sculptures beckoning you to come, touch, hear, see.  The colors delight and the spaces impress  an unforgettable experience. Crazy, wonky, fun – therefore my image must be crazy, wonky, and fun too.   iPhone image processed with Photo Toaster.

In the Olive Grove


I’m currently on a trip to the La Romita School of art in Terni, Italy.  I had my iPhone handy during a tour through the adjoining olive grove.  While looking over the rock wall surrounding the property I had one brief moment to see the sheep next door before the ever dutiful herding dog moved them off to safety upon my intrusion.  I processed this image with the app, Vintage Photo.

Naked Cowgirl Déjà vu

I had a déjà vu moment at Barton Springs in Austin, Texas this week.  Before my eyes, in the fashion of our city Springs in the 60’s, stood a topless cowgirl cooling off in the 68 degree water amidst the humanity and canines seeking shelter from the heat.

Naked Cowgirl II
Naked Cowgirl II

A few years before I walked into Times Square to encounter the well known “Naked Cowgirl”.  Am I destined to find these cowgirls amongst the masses – their bikini bottoms beckoning?


A Feast for the Eyes and Fine Food

Recently, I was fortunate to attend a fine art and fine food pairing.  Evidence of Obsession

I will let the photos do the talking.  The tasting dinner was magnificent in flavors and presentation.  The fine art photo gravure prints of author and artist, Jeff Scott, transpired the bond that can exist between visual art and the talents of a culinary chef such as Austin Chef, John Bates, to create a memorable evening for their guests.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Toasting Koi

(Photo)Toasting Koi. I have enjoyed the PhotoToaster app lately, with all of its great choices for iPhoneography. I am on vacation and couldn’t pass up the beautiful Koi on the grounds where I am staying. This image I processed with the “pale” function. I had so much fun rendering my Koi images – I am going to have to visit the fish again tomorrow!


PhotoToaster Processed into Instagram – Apps for iPhone

I do love revisiting older iPhone images captured after finding a new app I like. First I used PhotoToaster, which offers a lot of processing options and effects, saved it to the camera roll, then processed the new rendering through Instagram.  This is an old tricycle I saw through the window of an abandoned home in Johnson City, Texas.

Children’s Voices © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

East Austin Studio Tour Nov. 10-11, 17-18

I have begun my serious countdown for the East Austin Studio Tour. Clean up the excess art supplies out of the studio space, finish getting prints made, get prints up on the walls…

Not only is my studio on the tour, but in the same art facility I will be participating in the “Emergence: Transformation” group exhibit with Studio2Gallery at the O2 Gallery Space.  Here is one of my images to be on display, “Meditations.”  I feel 5 years of practicing Kundalini Yoga has influenced my life in a great way, creating a “Transformation” within myself.

November 10-23, 2012
“Emergence: Transformation”
Preview Party November 9, 6pm-9pm
2830 East Martin Luther King Blvd., Austin, Texas 78702

Hours: Monday through Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-3pm

Get to the Red Dot Art Spree by September 26!

As usual, there is an abundance of crazy good art available at this year’s Women and Their Work Red Dot Art Spree.  I love the large red hanging “dot” balloons and also that I got to be in a nicely curated black and white section of the installation.  My art wants/needs YOUR RED DOT! For a great cause, hope to see you soon.

I’m Participating in the Red Dot Art Spree

Across the Meadow

I will part of this year’s Red Dot Art Spree and Silent Auction at Women and Their Work.

Click on the link above to find out about an Austin event you don’t want to miss. Great artists, great patrons, fabulous gallery and an awesome place to buy art. Please visit my art, thank you!
“Across the Meadow” iPhoneography on Hahnemuhle Byarta

Printed by Peter at agavePRINT and framed by Neil Coleman of Pro-Jex in a great charcoal stained wood frame.

East Austin Studio Tour Announced for November 10-18, 2012

Goodrich Passing

November 10-18 East Austin Studio Tour will be here, I have applied and will await my confirmation that my studio will be participating.  Time to get prints and materials rounded up.  This is one of my image choices for advertising.  Taken with an Olloclip lens for my iPhone 4. I love the feeling I can convey with multiple apps being combined. I’ll be having a preview party on November 9, from 6-9pm if you want to visit before the weekend crowds.

Texas Home and Living Magazine

I received a nice perk from KTB Designs in Austin, Texas. 8 Pages of my images are featured in the June 2012 issue of Texas Home and Living Magazine.  Click here to see the online version.

Polaroid Time-Zero film, digital photography, printmaking and gouche all rolled into one memory artwork

Taking photography into another medium is something I love as an artist.  I just finished my first trial painting with gouche on paper for a mixed-media project. I’ll have to say I had quite a bit of fun with the gouche, although you must be quick – it dries fast!  I am working on creating with memory objects and I like the way it has been progressing.

Step 1
scan of 3 Polaroid Time Zero images from the last of my private film stash. antique ceramic babies represent a boy, girl and twins settled upon crinkly paper to represent a womb
Step 2
take a digital photograph of a vintage toy I had from all of my collecting
Step 3
layer Polaroid and digital toy image in Photoshop to make a transparency for burning onto polymer plate
Step 4
printmaking with black ink, chine’ colle with blue speckled paper
Step 5
paint it with gouche

I wasn’t too enamored with this piece until the gouche added that final POP! I have a lot more to learn and need technique practice, but I am hooked. More to come.

“Expecting a Bundle of Joy” 2012 Tina Weitz

iPhoneography Class June 10, with Carol Schiraldi and Tina Weitz

Across the Meadow © 2012 Tina Weitz

iPhoneography addict?  Look for our class on June 10, 2012 in Austin, Texas! For more details or to sign up go to

The iPhone and mobile phones have revolutionized the way we look at cameras. Gone are the days of lugging around a big, heavy camera rig, now iPhone (and smart device) photography has made it possible to bring your camera with you everywhere you go. This workshop is designed for you to maximize your iPhone by allowing you to turn simple captures into true works of art. Topics covered include apps you can download, processing possibilities, options for printing, and other ideas you can use to make your iPhone camera pictures really come to life and bear the personal mark of an artist’s touch.

Instructor: Carol Schiraldi

Since her first show in Austin at Amy’s Ice Cream Parlor in 1992, Carol Schiraldi’s work has gone on to be exhibited in over fifty juried exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world. Her work has also been included in books, printed publications, and many sites on the web, as well as included in permanent collections. She is currently represented by several galleries around the country and is a sought after art instructor and mentor in the Austin area.

Instructor: Tina Weitz

Architectural and fine art photographer, Tina Weitz, is based in Austin, Texas and has worked in Texas and on sites around the nation for over 20 years. Once her commercial career was in progress, Tina also began creating fine art photography specializing in alternative processes. Her imagery has been shown around the country and 14 prints from her Polaroid Series have been seen in France and throughout Europe in an exhibit sponsored by the Texas Photographic Society. Tina’s architectural work was chosen for a traveling exhibit in the United States and Mexico with the Smithsonian Institution in “The American Home-Past and Present”. Many of Tina’s images have been published in magazines and books and 8 were selected and archived for the City of Austin with Austin Bergstrom International Airport: 2001 National Visual Arts Month. Most recently, Tina has turned to the passion of iphoneography and showcased one of the first all cell phone image exhibits in Austin, Texas for her ongoing series “App-aritions”.

Supplies: Students (Workshop participants) should bring their iPhone, iPod Touch, or Mobile phone with camera to the workshop. A laptop computer, while not necessary will be helpful.
Fee: $95 plus applicable sales tax

Star Photography and New Learning

I am on a workshop with TJ Avery and Marti Jeffers in Big Bend National Park.  Working on site with a group of like-minded photographers is the best gift I could give myself.  After 25 years, I still have so much to learn with new equipment and new challenges. Although a seasoned photographer in the daylight, I was bumbling around in the dark at 4:30am in a graveyard.  My mind was blank for a few minutes, letting me know I need to push these boundaries a bit more often.  Thanks to my teachers, I have taken my first photograph of the Milky Way. Stellar.

WWII A Time to Remember Dinner Dance at Camp Mabry

A little more editing and a few more images.  An evening stepping back in time… remembering and honoring our veterans at the Camp Mabry annual dinner dance and fundraising auction.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Time to Remember

A vintage WWII dance last Saturday night at the Camp Mabry Museum annual fundraiser. The veterans still like to talk and dance with a pretty girl and danced the night away. Some amazing folks. I am looking forward to editing the rest of my photos.

iPhoneography class with Tina Weitz and Carol Schiraldi

addictus ∞ iphoneography

Carol Schiraldi and I will be offering a class with the Studio2Gallery Classroom Series on June on 9 & 10, 2012 in Austin, Texas.

Designed for those fellow compulsive iPhone/app clickers who want to learn more, be in a fun environment, and share creative possibilities using your images.  This class will be limited to 12 participants for a hands on participation with our students.

More details will be announced next week at  I hope you can join the fun! Below is an image taken with my iphone and rendered with Snapseed Drama Filter 2 of my fabulous dog Drake and the artwork we discovered on our walk.

"A Pause/Paws on the Way to the Dog Park"

A Great Start

Ghost Ranch Desert Cattle © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

I heard from PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont and 1 of my images was selected with 39 from others (out of 800 images submitted) to display in the Gallery for “Poetic Objects: Still Life as Subject” with juror Sue Lezon.

Click here to see the Gallery selections, as well as 80 additional images that were selected to be online.

A great start to 2012.

Revisiting Paris

© 2006 Tina Weitz Photography “Ligne No. 4” April in Paris Series

I never tire of daydreaming of the visit I had in Paris.  I thought I would reminisce with you by sharing the “Ligne No. 4” sign at the metro station near the Flower Market.

First Artist Call Entry for the Year

Madrid Crow-Mium

For 2012, I am focusing on getting to images that I haven’t had time to review.  Sometimes a bit of distance is good, as I see how my initial reaction to a capture changes – as my ideas formulate in the back of my subconscious mind.  I sat down this weekend and worked on a couple of ideas I have for a photography call for Poetic Objects.

Exhibiting at A Smith Gallery and East Austin Studio Tour 2011

Aqua Barbie, 2011 © Tina Weitz Photography

I’m excited to have been selected for the “num6ers” exhibit, juried by Carol Watson and Amanda Smith at the A Smith Gallery in Johnson City.   Click here to see the accepted images.

“Aqua Barbie” is in the current exhibit at A Smith Gallery titled “Alterations”, juried by Jill and Dan Burkholder.  A reception will be held on November 26, exhibit dates are November 11 – December 18, 2011. Click here to see the accepted images.

I would love for you to come by and visit my new studio #1 during the East Austin Studio Tour which is stop number 56.  There was a mention in The New York Times about this fabulous event

I have “Stratosphere”, my newest artwork on view with 13 other artists at the Studio2Gallery exhibit and can’t wait for you to see my Polaroid designs on the latest bags and clutches which are available for sale. Last chance to visit the art tour is November 19 and 20 from 11am-6pm at 2830 East Martin Luther King Blvd, Austin, Texas 78702. Hope to see you there!

East Austin Studio Tour Voted “Best Place to See Local Art”

I knew it was fabulous, but now it’s official. I can’t wait to see you at East Austin Studio Tour. Voted by the Austin Chronicle “Best Place to See Local Art”. Come by and see the new studio.


Sunland Group at ABIA


I love when a last minute chance to shoot for a client comes through.  The Sunland Group had only one evening available – the night before operations began – for me to get the shot.  This incredible project at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport offers green parking light systems, rain barrel collections and many other eco-friendly features. Nice job!  The project will later feature some landscaping, as soon as the water ration situation in Austin improves.

Jurying the Texas Wax Exhibit

I was honored to be asked to select the artworks for the first Texas Wax Encaustic Group exhibit at the Daugherty Art Center.  The exhibit installation looked stellar, and we got a great write up from Wayne Alan Brenner of the Austin Chronicle.


E.A.S.T. tours info – stop on by!

“The Party’s Over” © 2011 Tina Weitz Photography

I have some things cooking up for East Austin Studio Tour 2011 and can’t wait to share the new Tina Weitz Photography/Studio2Gallery space!  I am still working on the wall prep (they were a bit pitted over the years by many a great resident artist) and electrical stuff. Also have some upcoming exhibits I have been selected for to announce (another post) and good things lining up for 2011/2012. For now here is the E.A.S.T. scoop and a funny little image I couldn’t resist displaying for “Eastside”.

Studio2Gallery is showcasing contemporary art with 14 artists “Eastside” in the new East location on Martin Luther King.  For the E.A.S.T. tours, artworks will be exhibited in Studio #1 and also in the adjacent O2 Gallery Space.  A reception with the artists to kick off the EAST events will be Saturday, November 12, from 6-8pm.  Artists include: Leon Alesi, Jill Alo, Tami Bone, Debbie Buie, Channe Felton, David Johndrow, Barbara Lugge, Chalda Maloff, Maggie Norman, John Sager, Carol Schiraldi, Mo Scollan, Oscar Silva and Tina Weitz.

November 12, artists reception, 6-8pm *open to the public
November 12 & 13 and 19 & 20 from 11:00am – 6:00pm
November 16, 17, 18 from 12 noon to 5pm

Texas Campaign for the Environment Auction and 20th Anniversary Celebration

Texas Campaign for the Environment is organizing their 20th anniversary celebration. I will be donating one of my new upcycled pieces, a “Fallout Girl” bag, to the silent auction.

The celebration will take place in a store front at the Highland Mall in Austin on Sept 24th at 7 p.m. Tina Sparkles will be producing “Trash Makeover” a fashion show/competition where all the designer outfits will be comprised solely of recycled materials. They will be judged by a panel of fashion gurus including Marques Harper of the American-Statesman, Stephen Moser of the Austin Chronicle and Gail Chovan of Black Mail. For the Foodies in our midst, there will also be another contest among Austin’s finest culinary institutions to see who can create the most tasty and environmentally friendly dishes. For the thirsty, look for locally brewed beer and liquor (no judges or competition in that department!). There will also be a silent auction with an emphasis on recycled art and jewelry and a DJ. Local (and nationally acclaimed) talent such as Virginia Fleck will be donating a piece of original art and a print.

Texas Campaign for the Environment is celebrating its 20 years of fighting the good fight to keep Texas’ water, land, and air clean for us and for future generations. Over the years they have shown true leadership on a slew of issues including finding solutions to deal with our ever growing mass of electronic waste. And, they have had true success. Even during that fun-filled 2011 legislative session they were a major force in the creation and passage of a law that ensures that televisions in Texas will now be recycled instead of spewing toxins into the landfills.

The link below will take you to the TCE website – if you would like to learn a little more about them.
Fallout Girl Bag by Tina Weitz Photography

Texas Photographic Society Cell Phone Photography Contest II

Girls Night

I was excited to be selected for the Texas Photographic Society Cell Phone Photography Contest II, juried by Dan Burkholder.  40 Images were selected out of 646 images submitted.  Click here to view the accepted entries. This photo came from one of my daily walks with the dogs.  The shoes whispered a story to me about Girls’ Night.

Geschke Group : Architects

A shout out to the wonderful clients who made the lake shoot a great project.  Thanks to  Kai Geschke of Geschke Group : Architects, Register – Dixon Custom Home Builders, and Shelley Grabowski Designs.

A Smith Gallery to Exhibit “The Naked Cowgirl”

Things are rolling, next up for me is an opening at A Smith Gallery in a juried photography exhibit on “America”.  Click here to see the accepted images.  The juror is D. Clarke Evans, President of the Texas Photographic Society.  Go for a drive in the hill country of Texas for a nice getaway, stop in Johnson City and you are a stone’s throw from Fredericksburg too!

Selected was my image “The Naked Cowgirl”.
© 2009 Tina Weitz Photography

Memorial Day Weekend Salute

I am thankful for my freedom.  In honor of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and for those who serve, here is my tribute. Hand-manipulated Polaroid taken with an SX70 Camera. © Tina Weitz Photography.

Santa Fe Workshop with Marti Jeffers Photography

I cannot give enough thanks to Marti Jeffers and Will Austin, both instructors extraordinaire, for the recent workshop in Santa Fe.  The classroom time was invaluable for honing some photoshop techniques, and the hands on help during assignments was attentive.  Fun was had by all participants and the week was very special. The photo below is by Blake Robinson, an “action” shot of me on location.

I had 6 days on locations around the area and was enamored with the colors of Santa Fe.

Oldest church in the United States located in Santa Fe.

Canyon Creek Homes

Canyon Creek Homes won their division award last year from our photoshoot.  Here is our project for this year, wishing Canyon Creek homes repeated success!

Santa Fe

I’m just getting started in Santa Fe with a Marti Jeffers Photography workshop, “Spirit of the Southwest”.  We’ve had a small bit of spring snow and everything seems so enchanted.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring.  Also good to be breaking out the Lensbaby again with my new wide angle adaptor.

Desert of Dreams

Art from the iPad and iPhone at Austin Details

I ♥ Congress was a busy night in Austin, Texas and thanks to Austin Details for featuring one of my iPhone images from Kauai.

Romance Book from Blurb

A sweet little book to celebrate “Romance” from the ASmith Gallery exhibition featuring one of my photos from Paris, France “Pompidou Restaurante”. A perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Romance at ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas

“Romance” was in the air at the ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas for the month of Valentine’s.  This juried exhibit featured my black and white image from the Pompidou Restaurante in Paris – which exudes the romantic dining experience.

beach bird winter to be exhibited at austin details gallery

My image “Beach Bird Winter” will be exhibited at Austin Details Gallery on 8th Street in Austin, Texas, March 10-31 in “Art from the iPad” (and iPhone) juried by Corliss Blakely.  More love for the iPhone ShakeItPhoto app to share with the world! Opening night, don’t miss the I ♥ Art Congress walk in Austin, March 10, as I will also be showing artwork at 912 Congress Avenue with Real Gallery.

iphoneogenic interviews tina Weitz

Many thanks to Edgar for the recent opening reception interview of “App-aritions” at Studio2Gallery. Click here for the link. This exhibit has created a plethora of blog hits as others share our zeal for iphoneography.

Homogeneous Part II

art city austin 2011

I am so very excited to be a judge for the 9th year at Art City Austin being held April 2 & 3rd, 2011.   This is a don’t miss event set on Lady Bird Lake with live music piping in from the City Hall performance stage. Did I mention the local foodies will be set up there too? Yum. Support the arts and see you there!

aart city austin 2011

app-aritions opening reception at studio2gallery

A packed house in the iPhone zone of our “App-aritions” exhibit at Studio2Gallery featuring my work along with Carol Schiraldi, Leon Alesi and Catherine McMillan. The response was overwhelmingly POSITIVE.  I dare say, iPhone imagery is here to stay.  Each artist had 25 images to share in uniform 6″ x 6″ prints mounted on Ampersand Board.  I felt this display method reinforced that an image is in the eye of the beholder and his creative process.  Each artist had their own, strong aesthetic.  We are also running a slide show of additional images not on display, which the patrons really seemed to enjoy.

App for the photos below is CameraBag Magazine.

app-aritions on 2 iPhone trend blogs

iphone3_0724 2
Homogeneous Part II

Thanks to both Allan Hoffman, for the nice mention on your blog “What I See” and to Great Output for their write up on “App-aritions”.