Tina Weitz @sec4p “iphoneography” & “The Still Life”

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The Carnival of Christmas © Tina Weitz Photography

I am participating in 2 juried exhibits back to back at the SE Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina.  Many thanks to the jurors and center for the selections.

iPhoneography, Juror Dan Burkholder
Opening Reception 3/2, 6-8PM
The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Richard Alton   Sara Augenbraun   Joann Benzinger   Bruce Berkow   Echo Cooper   Steve Field   Nadide Goksun   Mallory Gottlieb   Charles Hively   Michael Honegger   Steven Jungquist   Candi S Kalinsky    Chuck Keppler   Angela Kleis   Karen Klinedinst   Susan Lirakis   Morgan Lytle   Bobbi McMurry   Heather Mull   Stephen Murphy   Julia Nathanson   William Nieberding   Anastasia Potekhina   Joseph Rafferty   Madeline Ring   Marian Rubin   Kevin Russo   Jane Schultz
Bill Shumaker   Barbara Snyder   Debra Van Swearingen   Sam Wang   Candice Washington   Tina Weitz   and Michael Yoder

This image was taken at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.  The ferris wheel was located next to the famous Zilker Tree and in later years (after controversy) was moved to a new location in the park.

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“Kitchy Curtain” © Tina Weitz Photography

The Still Life, Juror Kimberly Witham
Opening Reception 4/13, 6-8PM

The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Hannah Arnette   Angie Pember Brockey   Susan Bryant
Jo Ann Chaus   Mihai Chebac   Robert Dutruch   William Earle
Malcolm Easton   Vladimir Frumin   Daniel George   Nadide Goksun  Margaret Halaby   Jackie Heitchue   Gea Hogeveen   Susan Kott  Thomas Ladd   Carol Lawrence   Laura Malaterra   Jim McKinniss  Lea Murphy   Katherine Richmond   Wilford Scott   Melissa Stewart  JP Terlizzi   Terry Towery   and Tina Weitz

From the series “Pola-Visions” reflecting past fading memories on expired time-zero Polaroid film and taken on vintage SX70 cameras.











Expired Polaroid and The Healing of She

I haven’t been posting as I have been preparing for a long distance change of location –  a pain and a blessing. I was forced to attack 27 years of photography images –  film, digital and alternative. Within the purge and sort, I saw a new series I had been working on all along, but did not see until now. Images I thought were “one of a kinds” with no continuity to any working series I had in progress, so set aside. Who knew? #weseefromwithin

Due to preparing to move there has been no time for Polaroid fun.  So, I took a day off this week and created “The Healing of She”. A wonderful way to enjoy my day and refresh before I say goodbye and finish my move. #timezero #expiredpolaroid #sx70 #polaroid

Things do not happen unless you (as in the words of a Macy Gray song) “Get up, get up and do SOMETHING, don’t let your life just pass you by”.

And then I realized how many images I have taken of the power of feminine…  Works that express my inner self within the visual. I have had so many prayers, and it started to creep into my (subconscious) work.

So once I land in a new home, I will be exploring this further.  I’ll keep you posted!







Tina Weitz Images to be Featured in West Austin Studio Tour 2015

Campy Camper © 2013 Tina Weitz

Campy Camper © 2013 Tina Weitz

I have been asked to exhibit my Pola-Vision Series on the second floor of the Faulk Central Library during this year’s West Austin Studio Tour in May 2015.  Ten large format Polaroid Time Zero print images shot with vintage SX70 cameras will be on display for the tour, and continue to be on exhibit through June.

A bit of history on the library: The Austin Public Library opened in 1926. The present Central Library building was constructed in 1979. In 1995 the Central Library was renamed John Henry Faulk Central Library in honor of local writer and free speech hero John Henry Faulk. As the main library, Faulk Central serves as the reference and collection backbone for the entire Austin Public Library system.

Thank you City of Austin and the Library for this opportunity.

It’s Another Polaroid Sunday

Before this Monday, it was another Polaroid Sunday.  Soooo sweet.  I watch my supply of Polaroid Time Zero diminish and each expired pack is an adventure.  I MUST finish up before the film is completely lifeless.  I am preparing for my continuing exhibit of “Pola-Vision” series in 2015, the last expression of my love for this instant process and my 1970’s SX70 camera.



Pola-Vision Exhibit at the O2Gallery Space

I have been making preparations the last few months for the East Austin Studio Tour.  Please come and visit me at stop 36.4 at the O2Gallery and Project Space in the Flatbed Building.  There will also be Gallery Shoal Creek, Flatbed Press and Gallery, Photo Méthode Gallery and Truman Marquez Studio hosting exhibits.

Campy Camper web

Campy Camper © 2013 Tina Weitz


November 12-27 , 2013
Opening reception: November 16, 6-8pm

Tina Weitz’s images are a photographic journey of her passion for Polaroid processes and subjects fading and nostalgic.  She shares her vision of awakening memories of something familiar with old cameras, new instant film alternatives and by embracing digital technology.

Pola-Vision encompasses works from Polaroid Time-Zero film while it was still being manufactured, her decaying stock of expired film and the possibilities offered by photography phone apps such as ShakeItPhoto.

Hours E.A.S.T. Weekends: 11am-6pm November 16, 17 and 22, 23
Regular Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm
Closed Nov. 28nd for the Thanksgiving holiday


Polaroid Sunday

I am having a great day today, which I have dubbed Polaroid Sunday.  My Time Zero Polaroid film, which expired in 2006, still held a battery charge and gave me some nostalgic glee.  Click, whrrrrrrr, anticipate – the magic image appears in a cloud and begins to clarify, like a vision in a crystal ball.  Yes, I’m feeling a whole lot of nostalgic today – capturing personal items from my world which bring fondness and memories of things past.  I give thanks to my ever faithful, Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1, for being there for me once again. And to my husband, who has let me store Time Zero film in the lower 1/3 of our refrigerator since 2006.  I am shooting the farewell tour of my antiquated and dying film.

Selections of the images will be displayed in the O2 Gallery and Project Space in the Flatbed Building during East Austin Studio Tour  November 2013 in Austin, Texas.  My exhibit, Pola-Vision, will be a journey driven by over a decade of my Polaroid sentimentality (and addiction).


Fallout Girl Bag

I’ve begun working on a series of bags using images from my hand-manipulated Polaroid series.  The Polaroid film used for these designs is no longer produced, making each bag a little more special for me to share with you. The bags are photo laminate applied to recycled paper and hand stitched in the good ol’ USA.  The design image is inside and outside, and there is a small pouch for cell phone or keys inside.  More to come.

Fallout Girl Bag by Tina Weitz Photography